Where was Osama bin Laden found

Al Qaeda leader : Osama bin Laden read these books

On the day that special forces of the Navy Seals set out from the United States towards his hiding place in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden wrote to his sister: "I ask Allah that this is the last message before I meet you." Is dated the letter dated April 26, 2011. He reports security problems and sends greetings to his children and grandchildren. "Please destroy this message after reading it." Less than a week later, on May 2nd, the US special forces killed the then most wanted terrorist in the world in his hiding place on the outskirts of the city of Abottabad.

Bin Laden's correspondence with his sister, daughters, brothers and other "warriors of God" is part of the information released by the US government on Wednesday. The revelation is called "Bin Laden's bookshelf" and contains letters and position papers from the Al Qaeda chief as well as a list of the books that US special forces had seized from hiding in Pakistan. The list that has now been published does not represent the entire archive of the then al-Qaida leader. But the material published so far allows one to conclude: The US archenemy was fascinated by the West.

The book titles published include primarily critical treatises on the history and foreign policy of the United States. But it also shows how hard bin Laden tried to understand how American society worked. His books include the foreign policy classic “Hegemony or Survival” by the left-wing intellectual Noam Chomsky. The emergency services also found a book by the conspiracy theorist Michel Chossudovsky in Abottabad. The author suggests that the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, commissioned by bin Laden, was only a pretext for the USA to realize its expansion plans in the Middle East.

In many of these works, bin Laden is portrayed as the bogeyman of American foreign policy. In the book “Imperiale Hybris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror” written by ex-CIA agent Michael Scheuer, bin Laden could even read about himself that he was “the most beloved, most romanticized, charismatic and possibly the most capable figure in the last 150 years Years of Islamic history. ”A total of 39 books in English are among the published finds. The Americans also found numerous articles on French and German politics and economics in the Abottabad fund.
The native Saudi Osama bin Laden had learned English at an elite school in Jeddah during his youth. His hatred of the West was rooted in the invasion of Saudi Arabia by US troops during the first Gulf War. In the eyes of conservative Muslims, no non-Muslim is allowed to enter the land of the holy mosques in Mecca and Medina.

How much bin Laden despised the United States, however, emerges from a letter he addressed to the American people: “For us, the holy war against the tyrants and aggressors is a form of worship. He is worth more to us than our fathers and sons. ”The documents also provide information about his tactics against the West: By threatening and carrying out further terrorist attacks, bin Laden wanted above all to force the United States to withdraw its troops from the Middle East.

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