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Armani made a special name for himself by decorating Hollywood stars.

History of the designer brand

Giorgio Armani, the Italian fashion prince, founded his company in 1974 with his partner Sergio Galeotti, after having worked for Cerrutti for a long time, under the name "Giorgio Armani S.p.A.". His trademark was from day one the stylized eaglewho still watches over the successful company today. After Galeotti's death, Armani continued to run the company on his own and enriched the portfolio with numerous collections. In 1981 Armani designed Uniforms for the Italian Air Force. The fashion label expanded its product portfolio with perfume, furniture and accessory lines. The initially small company became an international fashion empire in 1985. Little by little, Armani also came to the American and Asian markets. There the fashion designer celebrated great success and is enjoying growing popularity. Armani made a special name for himself with the Equipment of the Hollywood stars. In 2011 he designed the wedding dress for Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Simple style and quiet elegance

The Armani label now has 500 boutiques worldwide.

The clothing of the Italian label impresses Femininity and glamor. The outfits are determined and luxurious. However, they are not characterized by elegance, but also convince through Targeted accessories and clear lines. The cuts are modern and often figure-hugging. Nonetheless, the clothes are from Armani quite suitable for everyday use.

Armani was already in fashion circles Known very early on and extremely successful. However, he broke the sound barrier of success with the equipment of different actors for their productions. Now the broader masses became aware of the designer. Be simple style and quiet elegance, who accompany his collections throughout, found a large number of admirers. Both in women's and men's fashion. Every Armani model is basically suitable for every occasion. It is precisely this sensitivity for a design with sporty, casual elegance that makes Armani fashion so popular. Giorgio Armani has already been awarded the Bambi twice for his creative achievements.

High quality

The Armani label attaches great importance to its own production Durability and durability. Like all fashion labels and designers who dominate the fashion scene, Giorgio Armani only uses high quality and noble materials for his collections. Another great advantage of the fashion of Giorgio Armani is that his fashion Wearable over a longer period of time is. On the one hand by the high quality and on the other hand by the simple design. The production of every draft from Giorgio Armani, which is produced under license, is personally examined and supervised by him. A sign of Reliability and quality.


The first collection only included men's fashion. But just a year later, the range was successfully expanded. The first collection for women was presented. Many areas have been added since then. The range offers In addition to men's and women's fashion, there is also fashion for children as well as swimwear and lingerie at. The current range also offers a rich selection of shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories such as watches, sunglasses and fragrances under well-known sub-labels such as Emporio Armani, Armani Privé or Armani Jeans at. In addition to classic clothing, the innovative label is now also working on its own furnishings and books. Armani has also been active in the catering sector for a number of years. The Armani label now has over 500 boutiques worldwide. These are spread over a total of 46 countries around the world. Armani is particularly popular in Europe and the USA.

Armani Collezioni

Armani Collezioni stands for classic elegancethat underlines the natural charisma. The clear lines of the cuts and the exquisite fabrics are the distinguishing marks of the noble garments. Armani Collezioni is that Connection between the Haute Couture Collection and the Emporio Collection. Muted colors such as dark blue, black or gray dominate women's fashion at Armani; this enables the wearer to complement the clothing with colored accessories. The colors dark blue and gray are also in the foreground for men.

Armani jeans

The collection offers denim-based men's and women's sportswear for a young audience.

Armani jeans refers to one of numerous lines by the fashion designer Giorgio Armani. The stylized eagle was also chosen as the trademark and company logo for this line. The collection offers Denim-based men's and women's sportswear for a young audience. The world's first and largest Armani Jeans store opened in London in March 2012. The equipment includes T-shirts, jeans, chinos, dresses, skirts and jackets. There is also the accessories collection with glasses and watches as well as the Underwear and EA7 line.


The internationally respected and popular fashion house Armani With high-quality products, it impresses fashion-conscious and self-confident women and men who value style and high quality. Giorgio Armani stands for a versatile selection of shoes, bags and various accessories in a noble, timeless design, which is suitable for a particularly tasteful appearance. The models of the Italian label offer one refreshing mix of classic and extravagant designthat make Giorgio Armani's products so unique and successful. The founder and head is the designer of the same name, who was born in Italy in 1934 and was able to achieve world fame as one of the greatest fashion designers of the 20th century with his creative designs for men and women.


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