Will HBO have any restrictions now?

Warner Bros. is releasing all of its 2021 movies direct on HBO Max

The younger generation should not always negate everything that we older people have come to love over the decades.
A room, fully loaded with vinyl, physical media, books, breathes a flair that can no longer be compared with today's storage media.
Listen to your newly-conquered girlfriend through the record collection; Man, what wonderful experiences were those.

Nowadays young people are booming - admittedly, not ALL! - always full of music, no longer appreciate the individual piece. When "going to school", when "jogging", when cycling, the earplugs are always involved. I said it before: at some point I no longer appreciate what I always have at my fingertips, always and forever. Maybe young people should just talk to each other on their way to school?
In addition, the younger generation always has the feeling that something is missing. Everyone is afraid of not being "up to date" if the 1000th series is not quickly streamed in, there is hopping from one series to the other, from one film to the other. Is there actually still a home cinema evening being celebrated today? So right that you look forward to the evening? Before that, good food, a glass of wine, then a SELECTED film, then just let it have its effect on you, seriously thinks about it? No, after a film the next one has to be streamed straight away, and so on ... and - to put it in a somewhat exaggerated way - the feelings, the sensations, the togetherness are increasingly dulled, filed down, killed. Then you don't feel anything anymore, you don't feel any more joy and you have to "scratch" yourself in order to still feel yourself. Hey, admittedly, maybe a bit excessive from me now, on the other hand, I have to deal with such young people almost every day at work.
------------> Therefore, dear youth, do not always smile at the slightly older ones when they want to share their views with you. I used to like to listen to my grandfather and remember a lot of his statements. And I think it went pretty well with it.