How is sonar used for robot navigation

14.01.2020 16:28

From the bat flower to sonar navigation

Dr. Susanne Langer Communication and press
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Research team develops efficient robot navigation inspired by bat plants

Sonar systems are essential for autonomous robots and self-driving cars because they are very inexpensive sensors for distance measurements. But sometimes the measurement results that can be achieved are misleading and so far there have been no sonar signs, signs or signals that could support navigation. A research team from the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) has now found a solution together with scientists from the universities in Antwerp and Amsterdam, which was inspired by a special coevolution between bats and flowers. They published their results in the journal PNAS.

In a project at FAU financed by the Volkswagen Foundation, the engineer Prof. Dr. Stefan J. Rupitsch, Chair for Sensor Technology at FAU, and the biologist and bat researcher Dr. Ralph Simon, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, are working together on a solution to this problem. They developed special, bat-like sonar systems and floral-inspired sonar reflectors. The research team was able to show that these artificial reflectors can significantly improve the navigation efficiency of sonar-controlled robotic systems.

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Prof. Dr. Stefan J. Rupitsch, Tel .: 09131 / 85-23141, [email protected]

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Dr. Ralph Simon, Tel .: 0179/6708917, [email protected]

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