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A small group of islands in the Caribbean - the Cayman Islands

Travel report Cayman Islands Georg Town

Granted, the trip was on that Cayman Islands not really planned. We came to the island because it was difficult to find a flight to Jamaica from Honduras. One possibility was a flight with a change at the airport near Georg Town. Since we had an intermediate stop of about 10 hours here, we decided without further ado that we would hang on for a few more days and then explore another country on our world tour. Admittedly it was 3 night stay not really long - but these 3 days were quite an expensive affair.

Why do you travel to the Cayman Islands?

Of course you will now also ask yourself why we actually traveled to the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands are special at But also cruises with many Americans a very popular place to spend your summer vacation. For Europeans and backpackers, the trip to the Grand Caymans is usually relatively complex and therefore relatively expensive in comparison. In addition to the opportunity to spend your vacation on the Grand Caymans, the islands are also known for it Offshore companies and to start a business as one on the Caymans doesn't pay any taxes.

Arrival Cayman Islands

As already mentioned, a trip from Germany is relatively complex. You have to go to Miami first and from there you could fly directly with Cayman Airways to the Caymans to Georg Town. But who wants to wait a few more hours after a 10 hour flight to Miami and then? another 1.5 hours with another airline to fly to the Caymans.

However, if you are already in the Caribbean, many roads lead to the Caymans. Cayman Airlines, which by the way are known for the free rum punch on board, flies from many places Home airport in Georg Town at.

Hotels and accommodations in the Caymans

When we decided that we wanted to stay in the Caymans for a few days, it almost catapulted us out of our shoes when we searched the hotels and accommodations on AirBnB. There are mostly hotels only from 200 euros in a double room and here we are not talking about 5 star accommodations, but simple accommodations somewhere on the A…. of the world.

If you want to have an accommodation or holiday apartment directly on 7 Miles Beach, you are happy to be at 400 - $ 600 a night in a double room so it is quite an expensive pleasure for a beach vacation.

After scouring half the internet we came across a super nice accommodation on AirBnB admittedly it was also included 130 euros per night not particularly cheap but definitely cheaper than a normal hotel. Our accommodation was great - we haven't had such a comfortable bed and such a well-equipped room / apartment in months.
If you don't want to spend thousands of euros on hotels, you should book your accommodation in the Grand Caymans on AirBnB.

Restaurants and groceries

As a backpacker, the restaurants (even the simple ones) are too expensive. On all the menus that we took a closer look at, there were hardly any dishes for under 20 Cayman dollars. This means that you can enjoy one for two people including a non-alcoholic drink Spend between 60-100 Cayman dollars must to really eat normally and to be full of it. That's why we decided for ourselves that we wanted to use the cheaper alternatives on the island as a source of food for us. Unfortunately, a fast food chain came into play here Menu from around 10 euros in the assortment - but one was also very full of it. In addition to fast food chains, there are actually hardly any snacks and takeaways on the islands - rather only larger restaurants and a few corners where you can get fresh BBQ chicken.

Another option to eat relatively inexpensively on the islands is to go to the supermarket here Foster's Food Court and Hurleys which usually also offer very fresh salads and dishes at fair prices. A salad bowl with around 700 grams of lettuce and a baguette is around 9 euros per person.

There are also tacos, burittos, lasagna and pasta salads that you can warm up on site in a kind of food corner.

Shopping in the Grand Cayman Islands

If you still have time for a shopping trip between the beach and money, you can do that in the center of Georg Town. Luxury items such as watches and jewelry are a lot cheaper than in most European countries due to the lack of VAT on the islands.
Swarovski, Rolex, Tag Heuer and many more can be found close to each other in Georg Town - when you stroll through the city you often get flyers with special offers for the new Rolex. But as you can probably imagine - a new Rolex was not included in our backpacker budget.

In addition to all the stores that sell luxury items, there are countless shops that try to sell great souvenirs. Who always one Cayman t-shirt wanted to have access here.

Activities in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are not known for being here extraordinary active vacation can spend with breathtaking hikes, but the islands are known for their great underwater world with rays, turtles and sharks that invite you to be discovered.

Diving and snorkeling

If you want to dive in the Caymans you have to dig deep into your pocket. After receiving the information, we decided that we would not go on a diving excursion because we had previously obtained a diving license on Utila for 300 USD per person. A diving excursion with rental equipment (without snorkel and glasses) and 2 oxygen tanks is located on the islands at 120-150 USD per person. That was way too expensive for us in a direct comparison to Honduras where we got 8 dives, the PADI certification and all the equipment for 300 USD per person.

So we decided to only snorkel on the Cayman Islands, but that wasn't a problem, as the reef starts right off the coast of Georg Town. About 10 meters from the beach you can already see the from the shore colorful fish underwater observe.

Turtle Station

The Turtle Station in the Cayman Islands leaves some questions. Is this really a rescue project? Is the Turtle Station really sustainable? Is the Turtle Station a tourist attraction followed by the slaughter of the turtle?

We can't really answer the question even after a long research. In our opinion, the Turtle Station should be treated with caution. On its own page, the Turtle Station is presented as a protection program on Wikipedia, on the other hand, facts and figures are disclosed that actually claim exactly the opposite - a breeding station with a few releases per year.

However, if you want to come into contact with the sea turtle, this is the right place for you. Here you can examine the huge animals and even carefully pick up the smaller ones. The price is 18 USD per person, if you just want to walk through the park. There is also an area here where you can be in one Dive the artificially created reef with the turtles or can snorkel. You also get access to a water park. Here the price is 46 USD per person.

Beach vacation in the Cayman Islands

What you can probably do very well in the Caymans is the classic beach vacation. Anyone looking for sun, beach and great hotel complexes will definitely not be disappointed in the Caymans.

Note: A real highlight for all those who love the Caribbean but hate mosquitoes is probably the fact that there have been hardly any mosquitoes on this island for several decades. This was deliberately exterminated in the 1980s.

Security in the Cayman Islands

Of course, before we travel to a location, we always check the current security situation in order to get a feel for whether we should adhere to further guidelines or whether the general rules of conduct for travelers here are enough.

In the Cayman Islands, security is very important, many posters in the city with the inscription "If you have discovered a crime - tell us and you will get up to 50,000 Cayman dollars in reward" (approximate translation) already indicate this no criminal activity will be tolerated on the islands. According to our research, the Grand Cayman Islands are even safer than Germany. You notice it relatively quickly that dealing with each other on the Cayman Islands is very friendly and open - We have rarely been greeted so warmly in simple supermarkets as in Georg Town.

How expensive is a trip to the Caymans?

First you should know that 2 different currencies are accepted in the Caymans. The US dollar is very popular, as is the local currency, the Cayman dollar. When we were here in February 2019 there was a Cayman dollars are worth about 1.40 USD and about 1.15 euros. You can withdraw money almost everywhere on the Cayman Islands with an internationally valid credit card, but you don't necessarily need cash as almost all shops and restaurants accept credit cards.
A trip to the Cayman Islands is very expensive compared to other countries in the Caribbean. Basically it costs All about 30-40% more than in Germany. A water bottle (inexpensive variant) with 1.5 liters costs around 1.50 euros. A dinner in the restaurant is even 100% higher than the German prices - for example, a simple pasta dish with a drink and a salad costs around 40 euros per person.
Every day you should per person and night definitely 150 euros plan so that you can spend a good holiday here and not have to eat in the supermarket.

Transportation in the Cayman Islands

If you don't want to take an expensive rental car straight away or want to save yourself the trip by taxi, you have the option of taking the bus.

The bus system is relatively difficult to understand from the outside - but we have found a bus map for the Caymans Islands that we would like to share with you of course.

The price per trip per person is between 2 - 4.50 Cayman dollars depending on the route and duration. The journey is paid for at the destination. To get on a bus, just put your hand out - to stop the bus simply “One Stop please” and the bus will stop at the point where you want to be let out.
Quite simple actually, but you have to know!

Conclusion trip to the Grand Cayman Islands

It is probably difficult to say whether a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands is worthwhile. Many of the tourists on the island come to the island through the countless cruises that moor every day in the port of Georg Town and thus want to offer the passengers some activities on the islands.
We found the island interesting for 2 days, but of course could have spent a few more days on the beach. But we think that the cost of living in the Caymans are simply too expensive to spend days on a beach holiday here - she has this one Caribbean definitely offers even cheaper and just as beautiful places as the Cayman Islands.

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