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Do negative thoughts make you sick?



Is your glass half full or half empty? Many think you are born an optimist or a pessimist - but that is wrong and ultimately a matter of attitude. You can train your thoughts on positivity. And you should, because health begins in the head. In the article we explain why negative thoughts can make you sick and give tips on how to think more positively.

We all know these days: the colleague or fellow student is annoying, at lunchtime the pasta tastes like soap, on the way home everyone cannot drive and dinner ends up on your pants. Everything is lousy. Stop!


Brain research has confirmed that negative thoughts have a huge impact on our emotions and vice versa. So anyone who is annoyed about everything and only thinks darkly: "It's all crap!" Also feels bad. Measurements show that annoyances, arguments, negative comments, thoughts about negative things as well as worries and problems can actually cause strong stresses and even damage to our body. Negative thoughts and emotions really make you sick in the long run - that has been proven today.



Ultimately, our thoughts and feelings are pure biochemistry.Bad thoughtsor negative expectations create stress in the pain center of the human brain. In addition to these stress hormones, cortisone and adrenaline are also released, which can cause anxiety, a whole range of body reactions and even pain.

On the other hand, do you think positivelythis is how the motivation center is activated in the brain. This then produces a hormone cocktail of serotonin, dopamine and the bonding and trust hormone oxytocin and pours it over the pain center. The result: you feel better immediately! With the help of computed tomography, doctors can see very precisely how the activity of the brain is changing. With nice thoughts, the brain waves become longer and you become more relaxed. So health actually begins in the head!



Various therapeutic approaches make use of this knowledge: Studies have shown that sham operations, for example for knee joint osteoarthritis, have helped the affected patient just as well as a real operation or a new knee joint. Hypnosis therapists rely on the healing power of thoughts and placebo preparations work simply because the patient believes in them.

You shouldn't underestimate the power of thoughts - for example, your thoughts have a decisive influence on whether you can work through 18 hours or hold a marathon. Positive thoughts make you successful, promote your health and are a real fountain of youth. So what are you waiting for?



Time to steer your thoughts in the positive direction - that already begins in small situations in everyday life. Sure, some of what happened to you is stupid. That's just the way it is and you can't change anything about it. Try not to get annoyed about it for too long, but concentrate on the things of the day that went well and gave you joy. You can train that: at first you may have to remind yourself over and over again, at some point it will be easier for you until it almost happens by itself. Until then, we have a few little tricks for you that will immediately raise your mood.

  1. SMILE
    Not only are others happy about your smile, but you yourself are simply in a better mood afterwards. You can try it yourself:Force yourself to pull the corners of your mouth up for at least two minutes and you will see that your mood rises.Because your brain releases endorphins when you smile - simply because the body sends the signal to do so. Pure biochemistry again. ;)
  2. TALK
    People need social contacts: time, attention, conversation and laughing together - “seeing” the other with all of their senses. Therefore: Put your cell phone away, meet your best friend and chat about small everyday problems, world events, big worries or just the weather. Talking puts you in a good mood and helps you solve problems. Nobody has time? Ever thought of grandma? She's definitely looking forward to a visit.
  3. GIVE
    Small attentions make a big difference! Cooking a chocolate bar on your colleague's desk, a flower for your neighbor or your partner's favorite meal. Shows that you are interested in the other, gives you a great feeling and the recipient is also happy.
  4. WRITE
    When was the last time you wrote a letter? Or do more than 2-3 contiguous sentences? Nowadays, when notes and shopping lists are even typed on smartphones, a written letter is a real highlight! So you spend less time in front of the mobile phone display and even grab some fresh oxygen when throwing it in and the recipient is happy.
    Exercise in the fresh air is good for us. The oxygen flows through the body, ensures a clear head, inner peace and the most beautiful thing is the pleasant feeling afterwards. Even better: go for a walk with your partner or girlfriend.


So it's not that difficult at all! Positive thoughts create a good mood and a happy charisma also infects others.







Information sources:
Bittner, G. & Lichtenthal, A. (2012): Illness begins in the head - health too: medicine of the causes of illness. Berlin: epubli.


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