Are there brands that are comparable to Goyard

E. Goyard - the luxury of the Secret Society

Yesterday we already told you about the history of the Parisian luggage manufacturer E. Goyard reported. He is considered the oldest manufacturer of high-quality suitcases and bags and comes from Paris. Meanwhile, countless stars and celebrities have recognized the label for themselves. Karl Lagerfeld, for example, would never be with one Louis Vuitton suitcase to travel. He has spoken out in favor of being a gifted Goyard fan since 1972. You can often see his luggage in the press.

Here is a short film about E. Goyard:

Louis Vuitton is not the pioneer of canvas bags. Goyard was much more likely to see the benefit of this material. Canvas is a particularly durable material and is made from resins and hemp. Goyard is also the first "trunk maker" to put his brand initials on luggage. E. Goyard's Cancas has a very characteristic pattern. It represents a concatenation of many "Y" s. E. Goyard saw this as the central letter in the name "Goyard". Many may not believe it, however the pattern is drawn by hand. The label is actually particularly exclusive because, despite the long company history, it does not reveal a lot of information on its website. Apart from Ebay, the products are also not available online. This of course increases the exclusivity. There are only a few exclusive E. Goyard boutiques around the world.

E. Goyard now wear among others Kanye West, Lauren Conrad, Princess Beatrice, Hilary Duff, and Nikki Hilton.