Why didn't Microsoft purchase PrimeSense

Apple confirms acquisition of Kinect developer PrimeSense

Apple invests in motion control: The iPhone group has bought the company PrimeSense, from which the Kinect system for Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console comes. Apple confirmed the deal to AllThingsD. The price is reportedly $ 360 million (around 265 million euros).

The Israeli company PrimeSense supplied the technology for the Kinect motion control for the Xbox 360. Cameras and sensors record the movements and positions of players. For the recently released new Xbox One console, Microsoft developed the next generation of Kinect itself. PrimeSense was meanwhile working on making its technology more compact. The new Capri sensor fits in smartphones and tablets. Not only can it detect movements, but it should also be able to serve as a 3D scanner - or as a collision warning for people who stare at their iPhone screen while walking.

There has been speculation about Apple's interest in motion controls and PrimeSense for some time, the last time it was said a few days ago that the deal was about to close. On the one hand, the group could use the sensors to expand the operating options of its Apple TV set-top box. On the other hand, ambitions in the gaming area are not excluded. In addition, Apple had always emphasized the possibility of bringing the game to the big screen in the living room via AirPlay and Apple TV.

Apple has acquired various companies over the past few years to improve its devices and services. Between October 2012 and May 2013 alone, Apple bought nine companies. The techniques for the fingerprint scanner in the new iPhone 5s and the Siri voice control came from outside. Apple also bought chips, memory technology and card services, among other things. (lbe)

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