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Other disadvantages of a home server

The electricity costs are not insignificant. Since your page should always be available, the computer must also run through day and night. In addition, as the number of visitors increases, the Internet connection can also reach its limits. A low upload data rate is particularly noticeable if you offer images for download.

This is where providers of web construction kits and operators of web servers can score. You have almost inexhaustible storage capacity, very fast Internet connections for uploading and downloading and employees who keep the hardware and software up to date. Another advantage, especially for beginners, is the lower risk of violating the GDPR. Even a simple contact form can mean that you violate data protection. Because all visitors must be informed about the collection of user data and actively consent or reject it. You must also communicate whether cookies are used on your website, for example if you use Google Analytics. In short: your website must be legally compliant. Construction kit operators offer this option for their individual packages. Activating this function is just as quick as selecting the fonts for your website.