When did you become a successful writer?

Become an author - tips for professional writing

Can you become an author through studying?

In fact, at a few universities there are also faculties that are tailored directly to “becoming an author”. They are known for this Leipzig Literature Institute or the Hildesheim Literature Institute. You can learn everything about the author's profession in theory and practice over several semesters:

Fig. 1: Becoming an author at the university Course plan for the MA at the Hildesheim Literature Institute

Budding authors are looked after by experts and can be taught the techniques of literary and journalistic writing. Concrete instructions, numerous varied practical exercises and personal support lead people who want to become writers straight to this profession. Here, weaknesses and strengths are revealed and students receive a professional touch for later works.

In addition to the techniques of writing, you will also learn how to collect and structure your storytelling material during a course of study. From the short story to that Write children's book up to Write a biography you will find out which form your manuscript must be characterized by. But you will also receive theoretical input and practical experience on many other topics:

Fig. 2: Become an author -Sample timetable for the Leipzig Literature Institute

Your eye for literary material of all kinds will be sharpened in order to be able to become a successful author in the end. Above all, your motivation is important. What sounds subtle at first is particularly elementary for writing. (see Tim Rohrer, “Writing a book and becoming an author”, 2017). You can also learn something about how to use your Publish book should: at a publisher or in Self-publishing, as a printed book or as a simple oneWrite an e-book would be better.

Another well-known state art college is the University of the Arts in Berlin. Here you cannot study “creative writing” directly, but you can be inspired and boost your creativity through various courses.

How much do I earn as a writer?

First of all: there are not many authors who end up in the top salary league because of one or more world bestsellers. Joanne K. Rowling or Stephen King may have shown it, but it doesn't happen too often. In general, many authors have what is known as a bread-and-butter job in order to be able to finance their living.

There are now various models for earning a living as an author. The classic contract with a publisher is not often presented, so authors earn their money writing articles on different platforms in both print and digital. Most of the time, if you want to become a writer, you will be freelancing.

Certainly there are also companies that hire authors on a permanent basis so that they create the content of websites or take care of the writing of newsletters. The salaries are very different. There are authors who earn more than € 2,500 a month due to their good order situation, and other authors only make a sum of € 400 a month. This is not least due to your own efforts that you put in. Those who write a lot earn more.

If an author only writes books, the income will be different. The following applies: The higher the circulation of the book and later the author's awareness, the further the earnings increase. As the author of your book, you receive a certain percentage for every book sold, which is deducted from the retail price minus VAT.

This is what an author's everyday life looks like

If you want to become an author, you can organize your daily routine freely. But there are also appointments that you should plan in, such as readings, interview appointments or important meetings with your editor. As an author, you can freely choose your place of work: for many it is the desk in the study, for others the café around the corner. If you want to publish a book, this may involve research activities that may include travel.

If you are employed as an author, depending on what has been agreed with your employer, you drive to the office in the morning to do your job there. In this case, your day-to-day work is not very different from that of other employees from other sectors with office work.