What religious event occurs after Easter?

Biblessay for Luke 19, 28-40

With today's Palm Sunday the Holy Week begins. No other time in the entire church year is as dense, charged with tension, full of symbolism and moving as these days.

It is my deepest conviction: Without Easter it would not be possible to be a Christian and faith would be a pious ideology or a philosophical web of brains. Easter, however, is not a passion play through which the individual historical events at the end of Jesus' ministry are theatrically re-enacted. For me, Easter is really happening, it is true, it is today and it is concrete. The stage is life, the actors are all who seek God, wrestle with him and believe in him.

Father Karl Schauer
is episcopal vicar for pilgrimage, tourist pastoral care and vocational pastoral care in the Catholic diocese of Eisenstadt

Humble victory of God

Palm Sunday already expresses this whole range, the conflict, the doubts and the hopes of my life. The gospel of the entry into Jerusalem with the enthusiasm for this Jesus somehow contradicts the gospel of the cross, the story of the Passion - also read out in the liturgy on this day. But that's my life, that's also my relationship with God, that's the reality of this world, torn back and forth, questionable, often driven by the mainstream of the majority.

The Bible makes it clear: It is not triumph, not royal power, not jubilation that brings people redemption, but God's humble victory on the cross and in the resurrection over everything that had long been said to be dead.

Easter always happens

As a pilgrim in the Holy Land, I have already followed this path from the small village of Betfage down to Jerusalem, but I got lost several times and lost sight of the destination Jerusalem and only reached it late at night. That got me thinking. Even then it was the same for the men and women when they entered Jerusalem - they went astray: the king they cheer on is not the political liberator, the messiah they have put together. He is not the populist who only speaks what they always wanted to hear, nor is he the one who heals all the sick and raises all the dead, which they always wanted to experience. Rather, he is the one who does not meet their expectations at all. His path, his royal triumphal procession, goes towards Calvary, towards the cross. Soon those who cheer him on, who may have risked their lives because of him, will turn away from him, keep their distance and oversleep the real thing.

Art of living
Sunday, April 14, 2019, 7:05 a.m., Ö1

Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday events and finally the Easter reality are not a pious reminder of events that happened on the edge of the world about 2000 years ago. As such, they wouldn't even be worth a note in the history books. Easter always happens to me! For me, Easter is a call sign from God! Easter is an imposition of God for you and for me, for all who do not suppress this God of Jesus Christ from their lives.

To me, “to say” this Easter God means: not having to come to terms with death, suffering and the insanity of life; do not cover up people's fears, hopelessness and futility; admit that I don't care about anybody, especially the poor, suffering, strangers, without rights and marked by life