Rachel Maddow is a Liberal

One channel behind Fox News As expected, the mood on the remote control is more critical. MSNBC is for the Democrats what Fox News for the Republicans is. Much more serious, but also only depicting a certain reality. "The President touches Kim Jong-un quite a bit," says moderator and liberal icon Rachel Maddow with astonishment when she looks at the handshake video and her studio guests grin. "It's not reciprocal. It's a lot of gestures, touches. The President smiles a lot."

Ben Rhodes, a member of the National Security Advisory Board under Barack Obama, briefly mentions that the incumbent US president does not seem to want to talk to the dictator about questions of human rights and democracy. However, the group is not particularly interested in the topic, and you quickly end up with the Democrats' favorite topic: Russia.

It was "no coincidence" that Trump's G-7 split was exactly what Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted. And how does he actually benefit from Trump's North Korea policy? When it comes to the alleged Trump-Russia connection, no theory is off-limits.

On CNN The absurdity of the American present becomes apparent almost at the same time. Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper admits, "I've long been advocating getting Dennis Rodman involved. He knows Kim, he knows Trump."

Dennis Rodman wears a Trump cap and starts crying

For years, the former basketball professional Rodman has had a good relationship with the dictator family, but also with the Trump family. And a little later he joined from Singapore, with a red "Make America Great Again" baseball cap on his head, sunglasses and in his sponsor's t-shirt, a cannabis cryptocurrency.

"The North Korean people have heart, soul, charisma and love one another," he says. Whether he also visited the country's gulags on his flying visits is just as unclear as most of his incoherent stories. "If Trump can do it - all the power for him!" He shouts, only to burst into tears shortly afterwards. After his first trip to North Korea, he received many death threats. "I couldn't even go home, I had to hide for 30 days."

Moderator Chris Cuomo looks at first flabbergasted and then as if he wanted to cry too. Politics is a new breed of reality TV in 2018 America, but Donald Trump is not solely responsible for it.