How does meditation help to raise awareness

Meditation in the DrachenZentrum Meißen

Also in our Breitengraden is meditation meanwhile no longer a foreign word and the positive effects on our lives have long been confirmed by science and medicine.

Meditation helps to find inner peace in this hectic time, to recharge and activate one's own sources of power, to learn mindfulness and awareness in everyday life.

It has its origins in many spiritual and religious directions and meanwhile there are many methods and possibilities to practice meditation with success.

Maybe a few more words why meditation is becoming more and more important in this country:

Doctors and coaches are now recommending meditation more and more often. Why? It has been proven that the brain wave spectrum changes from α waves to θ waves under de mediation. Our brain is able to process a certain amount of information. Our mind works like a computer processor: the input that is processed in the brain comes through the sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin ...). What we 'become aware of' is mostly the result of this processing process, i.e. not the thing itself, but an already processed image, which - due to our conditioning - no longer corresponds 100% to the original.

For example: do our ears also work during the night, do we only 'hear' while we sleep? No! It doesn't penetrate our consciousness.

And so a lot of things happen every day that do not penetrate our consciousness even though they are there, the flower at the edge of the road, the red traffic light, the sign with the speed limit, the front door key in our pocket, etc.

Meditation can help to raise awareness of seeing things in the order in which they happen. you Please visit our DharmaChakra page for more informationcan help to clarify and dissolve certain behavioral or behavioral patterns, it can help to train attention and make it sharper and sharper, it helps us to let go of inhibiting things and thoughts, etc.

Of course, this is not easy to achieve. This also requires practice - and possibly also exchange or instructions.

We want to help you on your way to meditation and offer a platform for practice and exchange.

See an interesting article on meditation and science here:

Braincast 199 - Meditation in the scanner from Anita Leyh on Vimeo.