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Blackberry Tablet OS: System for the Blackberry Playbook

Logo: BlackberryRIM (Research in Motion), manufacturer of Blackberry smartphones, did not want to ignore the tablet hype that was emerging a few years ago and brought the Blackberry Playbook onto the market.

Logo: Blackberry The operating system on the device was not an adapted variant of the "old" Blackberry OS, but a new operating system called Blackberry Tablet OS. This was based on a system called QNX Neutrino, whose manufacturer QNX was taken over by RIM in April 2010. The Blackberry OS successor Blackberry 10 was also a QNX variant.

Blackberry Playbook with Blackberry Tablet OS
Image: RIM At the beginning, the Blackberry TabletOS wanted to score with multimedia features, among other things, and supported Adobe Air and Flash. In addition, multitasking was a core element of the system. Since version 2.0, the Blackberry Tablet OS brought support for Android apps and thus enabled access to hundreds of thousands of additional programs in one fell swoop. RIM had announced that, with a few exceptions, all Android apps can be used. However, there was no access to the Google Play Store. The contact point for apps with the Blackberry Tablet OS - as with the RIM smartphones - was the Blackberry App World. The fact that there was no integrated e-mail client at the start caused irritations - this deficiency was also remedied with the operating system version 2.0.

While Blackberry ended support for the last of its own operating systems at the end of 2019, the last update for the Tablet OS dates back to 2014.

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