Why should I buy an email list

Email marketing to private customers

In order to be able to send an e-mail to a private address, you need the consent of the addressee. This is normally obtained by means of a double opt-in (DOI), which is a consent that must be confirmed again by email. The recipient may then only be written to by the company that obtained the consent. This rule means that you cannot buy e-mail addresses and then write to them yourself.

We support you in in a legal and inexpensive way attract new customers via email. You can use our network of shipping partners who have a large number of different e-mail distribution lists. Depending on the distribution list, you can have the e-mail addresses segmented according to different criteria (e.g. according to gender, regional criteria or areas of interest) and so your Reduce wastage.

We also help you to reach your target group in other ways: By placing advertisements in one of the numerous newsletters for special areas of interest, you can reach people with very special interests.

We would be happy to check for you whether you can achieve your marketing goals through email marketing and which distribution lists offer you the greatest benefit. Talk to us now!

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