Why did the backplane fail

QNAP backplane possibly defective, can the order of the HDD bays be adjusted?

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Hello everybody.

Unfortunately, yesterday our monitoring reported a missing hard drive on one of our QNAP TS-831X.

However, the hard drive is actually not the problem, but slot no. 1. We installed one of the hard drive slots from an identical device there for testing purposes and the behavior did not change. As a test, we plugged the hard drive slot from slot no. 1 into a free, different slot and the hard drive was recognized without any problems.

The real question now is: Can I teach the device not to use slots 1 - 4, but 2 - 5 for the storage pool? With that, the RAID 5 network would be "okay" again.

This cannot be done in the GUI. Unfortunately, QNAP support was of no help, referred us to the age of the device (3 years) and wished us a lot of fun choosing a new device (QNAP's answer has been changed here )

Has anyone here already "determined" in the direction or is a new acquisition inevitable?

Thanks in advance for your support.


SolvedHardwareSAN, NAS, DAS

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