Why does Cloud 9 mean happy

To be on Cloud Nine

Jessica is American and goes to high school. But at the moment she just can't concentrate on her homework: She is madly in love and is floating on "Cloud Nine". Wait a minute - on cloud nine? Doesn't it mean "floating on cloud nine" or "being in seventh heaven"? Why all of a sudden cloud number nine?

Well, the Americans have been floating a bit higher than the Europeans for a long time when they are completely happy and in love - on "Cloud Nine". Where the term actually comes from, however, remains unclear. In the past, "Cloud Seven" was also used in English, and Seventh Heaven still exists.

Some suspect that "Cloud Nine" has something to do with the division of clouds into ten categories by the American Weather Institute: clouds of category nine are cumulonimbus clouds that can reach very high altitudes. Others claim that a radio show popular in the US in the 1950s called "Johnny Dollar" popularized the term cloud nine.

Whichever explanation may be the right one, one thing is certain: especially since the ex-Beatle George Harrison released a record called "Cloud Nine" in the eighties, the term has established itself in the English-speaking world and cloud nine repressed. Musician Bryan Adams also sang in 1998 on "Cloud Number Nine". So once again pop stars have contributed to the changing of idioms. And who knows, maybe we will soon no longer be on cloud nine, but only on cloud nine?