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The concept of the social group Formal and informal groups

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1 4th lecture: The individual and the community (group): Social processes in sport
The concept of the social groupFormal and informal groupsAssociation and community in organized sport and in informal “street games” Thomas Alkemeyer SS 2003

2 definition elements of the social group (according to Korte / Schäfers: Hauptbegriffe der Soziologie, 1995, p. 83) certain number of members (small groups of people) a common group goal and a behavioral motive for the group and each individual member “we-feeling” a system of common Norms and values ​​as the basis of the interaction processes a network of interrelated social roles (role differential) Thomas Alkemeyer SS 2003

3 Social group “A social group comprises a certain number of members (group members) who are in a relatively continuous process of communication and interaction over a long period of time in order to achieve a common goal (group goal) and who develop a feeling of togetherness (we-feeling). To achieve the group goal and to stabilize the group identity, a system of common norms and a distribution of tasks over a group-specific role differential is necessary ”(Korte / Schäfers 1995, p. 83) Thomas Alkemeyer SS 2003

4 Formal group the association of the individuals is justified by statutes and competency orders the member relationships tend to be impersonal the organization is function-specific, i.e. related to clearly defined purposes formal groups in sport: clubs and associations with their formalized group structures Thomas Alkemeyer SS 2003

5 Informal groups Small, unplanned groups based on face-to-face relationships without written statutes often form spontaneously (ad hoc) within the framework of formal organizations (e.g. companies, clubs, school classes) as cliques, friendships or interest groups in the context of associations; Groups in 'unorganized' sport (running clubs, communities of inline skaters, surfers, mountain bikers, etc.) Thomas Alkemeyer SS 2003

6 Questions about the 4th lecture What is a “social group”?
Give examples of formal and informal groups in sport! What do Norbert Elias and Eric Dunning understand by “figuration”? Give an example from sport! Discuss the conflict between 'reading' university professors and 'restless' students a) role theory, b) figuration theory.Thomas Alkemeyer SS 2003