Can someone over 50 start programming?

The digital industry is looking for career changers. But the aversions are great. Don't you have to be socialized as a computer expert? Overview of questions and answers:

For whom is lateral entry or further training in an IT profession suitable?

For everyone who is interested in having a few years left in their career. In order to learn to program, you need above all motivation, says the self-employed developer Karim Geiger, who also makes instructional videos: "At the beginning you have to bite through, you need to be frustrated."

What qualifications are required to find a job?

Computer scientists, engineers, electrical engineers, mathematicians and physicists are in great demand. Such degrees are not necessary for entry into the industry, says Kaya Taner, founder of the developer job exchange Honeypot: "We also offer IT jobs for people who have taught themselves everything or who have so far only gained experience in leisure or student projects . " On developer platforms such as GitHub, users can work on other people's projects.

How much basic technical understanding is required for programming?

"The computer is a complete idiot, it cannot interpret, it always just does exactly what you command," says Karim Geiger. Developers should understand this principle: "People conclude from the context that the computer needs precise instructions, that sounds banal, but it is not that easy to internalize."

Do programmers need math?

Fear of math is no reason to shy away from programming, says developer Geiger: "Only basic math knowledge is required for app or web development," in other areas, such as machine learning, there are deeper math skills but required.

Where can you Learn to program?

There are courses in abundance, among the providers are well-known institutes and private universities, which also provide the participants with supervisors. Because there are no quality checks, digital HR expert Martina Weiner advises to exchange ideas with former participants. Karim Geiger recommends the free offers from Codecademy and Sololearn.

What language should I start with?

That is actually not that important, if you master the first language, you learn the second quickly. Javascript and Python are widely used and sought after.

How much time do you have to invest?

"Before you can write your first program, it can take half a year or two years," says Geiger - depending on the speed at which you learn and the amount of time you have to practice part-time. Providers of so-called boot camps advertise that they can teach participants how to program in twelve weeks and help them get started. This has become established in the USA. In Kaya Taner's experience, however, such a program degree alone is not enough for most companies in Germany. What is needed are presentable projects and thus experience. "The graduates often start with an internship in a programming job, but sometimes even directly into a higher position" - also depending on what the individual takes away from it.

What do developers earn?

The salary development can be observed on platforms such as Honeypot: Developers with a maximum of two years of experience can therefore expect an average annual salary of 44 700 euros in Germany.