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The right surface for the play tower

From kindergarten age at the latest, your offspring will probably particularly enjoy climbing up pretty much anything that is within reach.

Do you have one garden, the purchase of a climbing frame could therefore be worthwhile. There your little ones can let off steam in a private atmosphere without having to go to the next playground.

However, with such a construction project it is very important to know how the associated one Underground should be made. At least it stands security Your children in the foreground. All the better if functionality, utility and an attractive look merge here and turn your garden into a small adventure playground.

Why not "any" climbing frame underground?

It is extremely important to choose the right surface for your climbing frame. Once the play tower has been set up, your children can put the play equipment through its paces and try it out. Jumps from the tower are not uncommon. Your children may also lose their footing and fall down. If the hard ground doesn't cushion the impact, in the worst case scenario it could be too Injuriessuch as broken bones or a concussion. In addition, an incorrectly chosen surface can be used for wear take care of your climbing frame, which only burdens the family budget unnecessarily.


Which surface for a climbing frame?

In the event of a fall from the climbing frame, the Compensate for impact energy, the subsoil should as soft and flexible as possible be. This ensures that your falling child does not, or at least not seriously, injure itself.

It exists several suitable substrateswhich you should pay particular attention to as part of your search. In return, other surfaces and floor coverings should be excluded from the outset so as not to expose your child to unnecessary danger.

Most used: sand and gravel

A good surface that you can choose for your children's play tower is sand. This works particularly cushioning and can also be used as a Sandpit for smaller children who have not yet played around on the play tower.

Ideally, they should be special, TÜV-tested Play sand use. This is suitable for private purposes, but is also used in children's playgrounds. At best, the grains should be no larger than two millimeters and contain binding components.

Since cats in particular like to use the sand as a toilet, it is important to check the sand every now and then to keep clean. Because it is not uncommon for a grain of sand to find its way into your child's mouth.

As Supermarket For your sand, there are not only online shops or hardware stores, but also regional gravel pits. There you will often receive the goods loose, but especially inexpensive. The best thing to do when purchasing is to make sure that you choose a lot, the one Layer density of about 30 centimeters guaranteed.

gravel is also suitable as a base for your play tower and is underestimated by many garden owners. Particularly cares Roll gravel For a high level of security in the case of a fall from a height of one to two meters. You can easily get such gravel from a gravel works, online shop or hardware store.

Please note, however, that you have to lend a hand from time to time so that the required safety conditions do not deteriorate. For example, stones carried out of the play area can damage electrical garden tools. Ultimately, it is even possible that fine material leads to the gravel ‘sticking together. Therefore, you should use this subsurface frequently loosen up.

Before adding sand or gravel, you should cover the ground with a Weed film interpret. This will prevent your once yellowish sand from turning green at some point.

Well sprung: bark mulch and wood chips

Bark mulch also represents a soft, particularly springy and therefore suitable surface for a play tower.

Peeled tree bark is particularly popular with gardeners, as the flowers do not have to be watered as often. Furthermore, the growth of weeds is limited.

When buying bark mulch, you should pay particular attention to the Cadmium value respect, think highly of. That must not exceed the limit of 1.5 milligrams per kilogram.

With very cheap bark mulch, make sure that no peeled wood chips are in the material. Otherwise this could lead to injuries.

Bark mulch or wood chips are available from hardware stores or garden centers. Numerous online shops have also included this material in their range.

As with sand and gravel, you should do that here too Laying a weed film do not forget.

Easy to use: fall protection mats

Fall protection mats Not only are they, as the name suggests, another fall protection option, they are, too easy to lay.

This is particularly suitable as a place of use End of the slide on your climbing frame. Also under a swing frame or under one ladder a fall protection mat can be placed.

The material used is quite heavy, which is why the fall protection mats kaum slip. The mats also prevent holes from forming in the sand.

The mats can simply be swept away with a broom and, if necessary, with one high pressure cleaner clean.

Fall protection mats you can find it in our shop.

Too hard: lawn or solid ground

If you want to add a climbing frame or a swing to your garden, this is Grass or lawn unsuitable as a substrate.

Perhaps the green is visually appealing, but the earth under the meadow should be hard be and do not have a cushioning effect. Also could Stones under the grass that you haven't noticed before.

In general, everyone is solid ground for a play tower not suitable. Such substrates include, for example Stones, tar, asphalt or concrete. they offer no fall protection and stop already in connection with a low fall height risk for your children.

Not for nothing are the climbing frames of most playgrounds equipped with play sand, bark mulch or fall protection mats as a base. The safety of the children is also the top priority there.

Ultimately, your climbing frame wears out much faster on a hard surface than on a soft, cushioning surface.

Other security aspects

It is important to make sure that the climbing frame you have bought was produced in accordance with DIN. DIN EN 71-8, for example, ensures that the individual parts of the play equipment are the correct ones Distance norms offer each other and the safety of your offspring is guaranteed.

You should also use the Dimensions Of your climbing frame. Depending on greatest possible height of fall you should calculate the corresponding subsurface and adjust it if necessary.

The floor must have a cushioning effect, especially if there is a Swing is located. Children love to jump with them Momentum down from the swing seat if it is still high in the air.

Finally, the Fall protection area there are no objects that your child could hit in the event of a fall.

With the right combination of caution, the right materials and protective devices, nothing stands in the way of lively play on the play tower in the garden.

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