How is it in the afternoon


Today, Whit Monday

Temporarily foehn, wet from the south.

At first it is still dry everywhere and, especially to the east, often also sunny, individual fog fields soon dissolve. During the day the clouds become thicker, and from the main ridge of the Tyrolean Alps to Upper Carinthia it starts to rain in the morning. In the afternoon the rain spreads over most of Austria and is sometimes strong. Temporary wind from east to south, partly storms on the mountains and also in the greater Vienna area gradually gusts of 60 km / h. Large temperature differences: in the south only 10 degrees in places, between Salzburg and St. Pölten around 20 degrees. In 2000m 2 to 8 degrees.

Tomorrow Tuesday

Initially mostly cloudy and often rain, on the north side of the Alps snow up to about 1200m. During the day it remains unstable towards the south with more showers, but mostly dry weather prevails, and from the west more and more sunny weather. Sometimes strong winds blow from west to north, and it stays cool with a maximum of 10 to 16 degrees, in the west up to 18 degrees. In 2000m by 0 degrees.

The day after tomorrow, Wednesday

Often sunny, but also clouds and a few short showers in the mountains and in the south. A freshening wind, mostly from the south, and 14 to 22 degrees in the afternoon.

The further trend

On Thursday inconsistent with lots of clouds, a few rain showers and a few thunderstorms. Longer sunny, most likely at the beginning in the east. Moderate to brisk wind from west to north and maximum values ​​between 13 and 21 degrees.

A lot of sun on Friday, only a few showers during the day. Brisk to strong northwest winds in the north and east. In the afternoon 15 to 23 degrees.

Forecasts in detail: