Which tops go well with long skirts

Combine maxi skirt: this is how you wear floor-length skirts correctly!

Maxi skirts not only look great - they are also real figure flatterers. Provided they are combined correctly.

Do you need styling inspiration? Then click through the gallery. We'll show you how cool fashion professionals combine their maxi skirts in spring, summer and autumn.

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You can improve your style with these mantras:

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Combine maxi skirt: which top goes with it?

The combination of maxi skirt and oversize shirt or hoodie is simple and sporty, and the look becomes girly with a top with delicate spaghetti straps. Are you looking for a more feminine and unusual summer outfit? Then combine one of the trendy Carmen blouses or a cool crop top with your maxi skirt.

You can also combine the maxi skirt with a simple striped shirt. This mix is ​​super trendy and exudes French flair.

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And if you are looking for a classy outfit for the evening, then combine your flowing maxi skirt with a lace top (here on Amazon). We promise you will be an eye-catcher!

Styling tips: should the top be in or out?

You can either tuck your top with a maxi skirt into the waistband or wear it over it. The advantage of the waistband version: you model your waist and the figure gets a sexy hourglass silhouette.

Tip: If you wear a slightly more voluminous top, you can also just tuck one side loosely into the waistband, it looks particularly stylish!

Would you like to wear the top over the waistband of your skirt? Then you should make sure that it is not too long. Tops or shirts that reach no more than the hips are good.

Style a maxi skirt: wear it on the waist or hips?

The good news first: There is no fixed styling rule. You should just try out which variant you like better. But: If you wear the maxi skirt at the waist, you should definitely put your top in the waistband or choose a short crop top (shop at Amazon). Otherwise the body looks misshapen.

And: If you want a narrower waist, you can help with a belt!

Which shoes go well with the maxi skirt?

The same applies to maxi-skirt shoes: whatever you like is allowed. As you have seen in the styling gallery, fashion professionals prefer to combine rough sneakers with a feminine skirt. This combination makes for a super exciting break in style.

Flat strap sandals are also suitable in summer. They are comfortable and match the summery style of the maxi skirt. (There are beautiful summer sandals here on Amazon)

Styling tip: With high shoes such as nude-colored pointed pumps or sandals with stiletto heels or wedge heels, you can cheat yourselves bigger! Simply choose the skirt a little longer and wear it at the waist and compensate for the missing height with the heels.

And: Who are maxi skirts for anyway?

Reason to cheer girls, because a maxi skirt suits everyone. The reason: the flowing shape plays around the body and conceals small problem areas.

Very small women should make sure that the hem of the skirt does not drag on the floor, but ends exactly above it. If the skirt is too long: grab a sewing machine yourself or go to a trusted tailor.

In addition, the following applies: it is essential to wear the maxi skirt at the waist and tuck the top into the waistband - that stretches the figure!

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