How affordable are American cities

The 6 best quality of life cities in the US in 2018

When it comes to the quality of life in the United States, the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami are always mentioned first. However, these metropolises are already so overcrowded with people and cars that stress is basically inevitable. If you want to start a new life in the USA, you should look for a small yet lively city.

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Here are the top perks of smaller cities:

  • Less traffic
  • Larger choice of workplaces
  • Cheaper accommodations
  • Opportunities for founders
  • A quieter life

If this list doesn't convince you yet, take a closer look at the characteristics of these promising cities:

  1. Indianapolis

Indianapolis is nicknamed the "Crossroads of America" ​​because of the intersection of the many highways. There is just about everything in this city: from business opportunities to the burgeoning gourmet scene. The city in the state of Indiana is also a real niche market for lovers of fine sports cars and racing cars. It has achieved worldwide fame as the venue for the largest one-day race in the world, the Indianapolis 500. It is also worth mentioning that the city has a low crime rate and a high level of education. There are universities as well-known as that here Purdue, the Indiana University and Notre Dame.

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  1. Saint Louis

The city of Saint Louis is nicknamed "Gateway to the West" and can be best described as a big city with the charm of a small town. One of the greatest advantages of this Missouri city is the low cost of living.

In addition to offering a good quality of life at an affordable price, Saint Louis has made it onto Forbes' list of the best cities for young professionals in technology, education and medicine. If you want an exciting life in your new city, but also want to save money, Saint Louis is really ideal: there are more free tourist attractions here than anywhere else in the United States.

  1. Detroit

Detroit is a major port city on the river of the same name. The River Detroit is one of the four major waterways that the Great Lakes with the Saint Lawrence River connect. Detroit's great cultural diversity has had a decisive influence on regional music. The city is also highly regarded in the international music scene and has played an important role in the creation of new genres. For example, she has had a decisive influence on jazz, rock and hip-hop.

  1. Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​located northeast of the Sonoran Desert and has a warm, dry climate. A prosperous agricultural community has formed around the extensive network of irrigation canals, the first profits of which have decisively shaped the city's economy for decades to come. Phoenix is ​​the perfect place of business for regional companies and entrepreneurs. Four "Fortune 500" companies (four of the 500 top-selling companies in the world) have their headquarters here. There are a variety of employment opportunities for skilled workers. In addition, considerable effort is being made in Phoenix to create a "greener" city. Cycling is particularly encouraged. Nowadays a lot of people cycle to work or to school.

  1. Baltimore

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. As is usual in Latin American countries, there are a large number of architecturally different districts. An example is the pretty one Fell’s Point. It goes back to the year 1760 and the characteristic architectural style is characterized by colored stones.

Tourism in the city is concentrated in the district Inner Harbor at the port of the same name. That’s also here National Aquarium. This aquarium is the premier tourist attraction in Maryland. Gourmets can really enjoy themselves in the many restaurants in the city. In particular, the variety of tastes in the crab dishes is unsurpassed.

    1. Milwaukee

The city of Milwaukee has lived a shadowy existence for a long time in the vicinity of the neighboring metropolises Chicago and Minneapolis. In fact, the Wisconsin city has many, if not all, of the advantages of larger cities:

  • It is located in the heart of the country on the shores of Lake Michigan, at the confluence of three rivers.
  • Milwaukee has the largest complex of parks in the country. In summer these parks become the stage for numerous famous artists.
  • More than 40 festivals take place here between June and September, transforming the city into a huge party mile.

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11 April. 2018. Marcel Müller