Why do people go duck hunting?

successful duck hunt :)

8) so I don't know how you are with duck hunting. here in finland ducks are definitely the most important poultry hunted. here are annually
Killed 500,000 - 1,000,000 animals. in advance sory for my german maybe happerts sometimes. so when we go duck hunting we usually bring around 100-200 animals home with us. maybe a bit much but read on. as equipment you need around 30-60 plastic ducks. shouldn't be very expensive and easy to use. First of all, you need a large field that is as large as 1 square kilometer and over which ducks naturally fly . on which you distribute your ducks, most people make the mistake of laying out one duck, taking one step and then laying out the next, but ducks like that at all, because ducks need / want their own space to move around. so ducks MIN. 3 meters apart otherwise the mistvich won't land . the second thing you have to do is to build a heap of straw because you can "open" it, if necessary just straw is enough, but a big old blanket on which the straw is sewn is better because then you can hide yourself again quickly. then you need a whistle with which you lure ducks no idea how it is called again. 5-10 men are ideal but can also be less we always go hunting with the club so we are always more. very good technology. and finally either collect ducks or take a dog with you. and if there are any left over to friends you can always give them away, edit: found a video here:
http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPDCoi-odPY same method only works with ducks