How can I fail the exam?

Legal clerk: exam failed

Repeat the exam in training? Which legal regulations apply at all? In this case, too, the following applies to legal clerks Regulation ReNoPatAusbV. Here it is initially clearly regulated in which case a Passed or failed final examination is.

The Section 7 (9) regulates it like this:

The final examination is passed if the performance has been assessed as follows:

  1. in the overall result with at least "sufficient",
  2. in the examination area of ​​application of law in the area of ​​lawyers with at least "sufficient",
  3. in at least three other examination areas with at least "sufficient",
  4. "unsatisfactory" in no examination area.

It depends on how many parts of the exam were not passed. Because before a complete repetition of the exam is due, the trainee can do a Supplementary examination apply for.

The oral supplementary examination may be the decisive factor in achieving the overall result. It takes place in one of the written exams and is weighted in a 2: 1 ratio to the previous result.

Repeat the final exam

If a supplementary examination does not help the trainee, it is important to bite the bullet and one Re-examination or a repeat examination to be considered in order to be able to take up the desired profession.

But how often can I repeat the paralegal exam?

The final exam for paralegal can repeated twice become. In the fourth section of the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) general regulations for the examinations were laid down.

According to BBiG § 37:

Final exams must be carried out in the recognized training occupations. The final examination can be repeated twice if it is not passed. If the final examination is carried out in separate parts, the first part of the final examination cannot be repeated independently.

Failed written and oral exams, now what?

Until the next exam can the trainees either stay in the company or organize their exams independently.

If you stay in operation want to do so, inform your training company and, ideally, the responsible body (respective bar association) in writing. If you do not submit such an application, the repeat examination will be carried out as an external examination.

A Apprenticeship contract can up to the next possible examination period and extended by a maximum of one year become.

If you If you fail the final exam for the third time, you will definitely not be able to graduate in this profession.

Section 21 (3) BBiG:

If trainees do not pass the final examination, the apprenticeship relationship can be extended at their request until the next possible repeat examination, by a maximum of one year.

If you Remain in the training company despite failing the final exam, are you allowed to not be terminated.
You will still receive your Training allowance and are entitled to attend vocational school. You can also find out from the competent authorities next exam dates. The training company pays the examination fees. This becomes obsolete if the trainee did not pass the exam and that with intent.

Challenging the exam

A Contradiction if you fail the exam. This can mean a change in the examination report and a reassessment of the examination. A challenge can therefore be worthwhile.

It can happen that Training contentwhich are specified in the framework plan and in the examination regulations, not mediated by the training company become. In such a case it is worthwhile take action against the test result. The so-called report booklet serve as evidence. If certain aspects were not taught in the training, that is negative exam result invalid. Under certain circumstances, the trainee can damages sue for loss of earnings.

Some trainees also consider retaking a passed exam to improve their grade. The rule here is that passing the exam is not relevant for admission to the profession.

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Legal clerk: exam failed
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