Is it true that God is everywhere?

God is omnipresent / God is everywhere

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Have you ever been to america?
Or in some other far away country? It takes a long time to get there. When you go on vacation, you have to get into the car, or the train, or the plane. Then you go there and are far away from home. But you are not at home during that time. You only return when your vacation is over. But then you can no longer be on vacation. We cannot be in several places at the same time. But one can do it. God is in every country at the same time.

God is in every country at the same time.
Perhaps you've been to a church in that distant country. There, just as here, there are Christians who pray to God and live with God. For God is also there in the distant land. And it can even be everywhere at the same time. He is here with us and at the same time in America or in Russia or in Africa. If you ask someone, "Where is God?", Most of them say, "He is in heaven." And that's true too. God is in heaven.

God is in heaven.
The heaven of God is not above where the clouds and the stars are. The sky where God lives is invisible. It is another dimension, like another world that we cannot see. This is God's world. The angels are there too. You can even see God sitting on the throne. Heaven is the world in which we come after death if we belong to God. But God is not only in heaven. He is also on earth.

God is on earth.
God made the earth so that we humans can live on it. It is our world that we see. We see the trees and animals. But there are also things that we cannot see. We don't see the air, we don't see heat, we don't see electricity. And we don't see God either. He doesn't have a body like us. It is spirit, so we don't see it. But it is there. He is all over the world. He is everywhere at the same time. And it is also with everyone.

God is with everyone.
We cannot be in two places at the same time. But God can. And God also sees everyone at the same time. He has time for everyone at the same time. He always has time for you, as if you were the only person in the world. God always knows exactly how everyone is doing, including you. He knows exactly what you are thinking and what you are doing. He knows what you need. But God wants to be elsewhere. He wants to live in the heart of every person.

God wants to dwell in the hearts of people.
Introduce yourself. God, the almighty God, who is greater than heaven and earth, he also wants into your heart. He wants to live in your life and with you. But he cannot go in there because there is sin in our human lives. Sin means that we disobey God and do things that God does not please. God is holy and righteous and therefore he cannot be where there is sin. Before God can come into our hearts, sin must go out. We cannot do this alone. But Jesus can do that. Jesus died for us. He paid for our sin. He can make our hearts pure and then God can come in. Invite God into your life.

Invite God into your life.
You can do this by praying. First, ask God to forgive you of your sins. Believe that Jesus died for your sin and ask Him to purify your heart. And then please God in your heart. Ask him to be the master of your life. If you do, then God dwells in your heart through the Holy Spirit. Then he is not only always with you, then he is always very close in your life. Then you don't need to be afraid, because then you will never be alone.

Do not be afraid, you are never alone.
If you have worries, you can always discuss them directly with God. You can talk to him just like you talk to a friend. God is with you. He hears you and he knows how you are. And then trust that God will help you. You don't need to be afraid because you are never alone. God is everywhere and when you are his child he is very special with you.