How much are designers paid in Munich

Costs for a fashion degree: the big overview

What does a fashion degree cost? Are the tuition fees high? Are there differences between the courses? And how much money do you need to live? So that you can plan your study financing, there is a large overview of the costs.

Anyone who is in the middle of training or studying usually has to get by on little money for a few years. Pumping up parents, applying for BAföG, going to work on the side or taking out a student loan are typical ways of making ends meet. So that you can estimate how much money you need each month, we present the individual cost blocks in fashion studies:

  • Tuition & semester fees
  • Cost of living

Cost block: tuition fees and semester fees

Studying fashion costs money. How much depends on the one hand on whether you want to study publicly or privately and on the other hand on the course, type of institution and your individual fee structure.

A distinction is made between tuition fees and semester fees. There are no tuition fees at state universities for a long time, only the semester fees are due here. Private providers, on the other hand, may of course charge fees for their service, in your case a fashion degree or a fashion education. Especially in the areas of fashion design and especially fashion management there is only a few free alternatives at state universities or the fee-free fashion management courses are extremely popular and difficult to get hold of.

So that you can get an overview of the area in which the fees for the complete course or fashion training are, we have taken a close look at numerous providers.

As you can see from the graphic, the total costs are between 15,000 and over 25,000 euros. Training (for example to become a fashion designer) is usually cheaper than academic courses (especially fashion management).

This is how the total costs are composed

  • Tuition fees are paid monthly.
  • Semester fees are only paid once per semester.
  • Enrollment fees or examination fees are only due once.
  • Further costs for material can be charged.

Cost of fashion design studies

We'll give you a few examples. Please note that fees are subject to change and is not a complete list of fashion schools and colleges. You can find them in our large database under "Find universities and fashion schools".

Cost of fashion management studies

Cost block: Cost of living - your student life

The German Student Union regularly carries out an extensive study in which the costs of the students are determined. You should therefore expect the following expenses in addition to the tuition fees (we will go into this below):

There come 819 euros average (!) Expenses together. This means that a degree such as fashion design, clothing technology, fashion management, etc. is more expensive due to the higher cost of living in Munich, but also cheaper in most regions of Eastern Germany.

A well-known saying goes "apprenticeship years are not master years". So whoever is in training / studies must first get by on little money for a few years, pump up the parents, go to work on the side and thus lay the foundation for salaries after graduation. If you are interested in studying fashion, you have to pay for "normal" student life in addition to the costs also the tuition fees include in the consideration.