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Legal deposit - Dépôt légal

The delivery of so-called "library items" still serves a cultural and political requirement today. The aim of the regulation is to document the journalistic work in Austria as completely as possible. For the Austrian National Library (formerly the court library), a mandatory copy ordinance can be documented for the first time in 1569.

Legal position

According to Section 3, Paragraph 1 of the Library Regulations of the Austrian National Library (Ordinance of 11.1.2002, Federal Law Gazette 12/2002), one of the essential tasks of the Austrian National Library is the "collection and archiving of all publications published or issued in Austria, including electronic media ( Sections 43 and 43a of the Media Act). “The order for the permanent archiving of the Austrian cultural heritage can only be efficiently and consistently fulfilled by an exact correspondence in the scope of the legal deposit regulation according to the Media Act (delivery of so-called library items. Section 43 Media Act).

In the area of ​​print media published or printed in Austria, the Austrian National Library strives for a collection of all Austrian publications that is as complete as possible in order to ensure that this information is accessible to future generations.

Media law (see especially the sixth section: library items)
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