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Species in self-portrait - Hello, I'm the fire bug and I feel hot and cold

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Did you know that compared to beetles, we bugs suck up our food instead of chewing it? I am now giving you this and other exciting information.

  • For you humans, red is the color of love. In the animal kingdom it is often a signal color, the "Caution poisonous!" means. Ha! Now I have fooled you, because I am neither poisonous to animals nor to humans (but it still doesn't taste good, so please let it go). This type of deception is called mimicry. With my appearance I imitate another very poisonous bug - the knight bug. That's why birds leave me alone. Pretty clever, isn't it?
  • When I feel threatened, I give off an unpleasant odor. However, you humans can only smell it if you get within two centimeters of me. Cats and dogs don't like my smell and therefore leave me alone.
  • It is hot for us fire bugs when mating. You have surely already seen me walking around hanging around with others of my kind? Right, we mate at this moment, which can also stretch over several hours or even days.
  • The female fire bugs lay our approx. 50 eggs in caves in the ground or under old leaves, from which small red larvae hatch after six to eight weeks. Our kids go through five larval stages until they reach maturity. You will then receive our typical black drawing as a birthday present.
  • I eat sap, preferably linden seeds. But I also love mallow family and hibiscus, they are delicious! I will otherwise leave your garden as it is. If you want to visit me, you can often find me where the wind blows old remains of flowers.
  • Granted, wherever I go, I always bring a lot of friends and family with me. But we won't do anything to you. If we disturb you, just carefully sweep us into a corner. Or move to a nice place in the garden where we won't disturb you, but please don't hurt us.

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Vanessa Schultz

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