Do you like the president of america

What happened?

The American first lady unveiled a new charitable initiative on Monday. The program, called "Be Best", is primarily aimed at helping children affected by substance abuse or mental illness. Safe web surfing is also an issue. Such a program is almost mandatory for a first lady. Your predecessors launched similar initiatives during their tenure. Michelle Obama, for example, was committed to healthy eating and fitness. And the problem for Melania Trump starts with her predecessor. Namely, she refers to a flyer on the website of "Be Best", which is intended to educate children about the Internet and social media. Now numerous users complain that the Obama administration used the text in the flyer for its own campaign as early as 2014. So Melania does copy-and-paste - and accusations of plagiarism are already loud.

Why do we care?

Because it's not the first time that Melania has copied from her predecessor. In the summer of 2016, she gave a speech at the United States Republican Convention. It turned out that she had taken passages from an eight-year-old speech by the then current First Lady Michelle Obama. Trump's speechwriter later apologized for this "innocent mistake". She only wrote sentences in the speech that Melania gave her on the phone. Even then, the first lady is said to have said that she was a great admirer of Michelle Obama. So she is basically contrary to the position of her husband, who has apparently made it his mission to tear down as much as possible that his predecessor created.

And now?

Perhaps the people who are now excitedly shouting "plagiarism" should rather concentrate on the doctoral theses of politicians. Because Melania Trump's flyer is not about personal views, like her speech two years ago, but about general information for clarification. In any case, it is questionable whether the Obamas really sat at the keyboard themselves and thought about how safe surfing works. They were probably more nameless employees. And maybe the flyer just convinced the first lady so much that she had nothing more to add.

The only question that arises is how Donald Trump thinks all of this. The New York TimesAccording to him, he is said to have already asked his wife to stop this whole social media topic. Thin ice, he probably thought, when his wife speaks out against bad behavior on the Internet, a behavior for which the president is, so to speak, symbolic. There has been speculation about a marriage crisis in the Trump house for a long time. It is quite possible that Melania's continued enthusiasm for the Obamas now gives these speculations even more grounding.