How often do you break your wardrobe

Why you can muck out 80 percent of your clothes

According to studies, we only wear 20 percent of our clothes

No matter how big or small the closet is, studies show that we only wear around 20 percent of our clothes. The other 80 percent eke out their existence in the shallows of the shelves - squeezed between other (un) loved items.

The reason: very often we forget what we have. Even if the cloakroom is actually manageable. I've seen almost everything: the 1 meter wide and 1.50 meter high wardrobe, the 40 square meter dressing room, the "closet" that extends from the basement to the attic - everything is possible, not everything is necessary.

Mucking out and rearranging is eye-opening, liberating and relieving at the same time. Only recently did I hear the sentence: "I really feel liberated" after almost the entire contents of the cupboard were spread out on the bed (the sorted out was already in several laundry baskets).

This is how you get to your neatly arranged wardrobe

The preparation

• Clear everything out and put it on the floor or on the bed. Yes everything!
• Wipe out the shelves and drawers, and wipe the clothes rails and your hangers

The sorting

  1. Sort out what doesn't belong in the closet and find a new place to store it. These include, for example: photo boxes, letters, wrapping paper and ribbons, books, magazines, etc.
  2. Sort your clothes into the following piles:
  • I like - I wear: Everything you like, actually wear and intact.
  • I kind of like it, but don't wear it (longer than 1-2 years): Go to the second-hand shop (stationary or online) and earn a little more money with it. Kleiderkreisel, for example, is a platform on which you can sell used clothes, shoes and bags. EBay classified ads also works for branded goods. Or you give away or donate things to acquaintances, friends, Diakonie shops and similar social institutions.
  • Broken and repairable: Off to the tailor!
  • Does not fit: Answer yourself honestly: will it fit again? Is it too big: can the tailor make it to fit? Is it too small: how long has it been? Maybe always or for three or four years? Away with it!
  • Broken and old: Holey socks, worn out shirts and underwear? Away with it! For example, H&M recycles old textiles and you get a 15% voucher for the next purchase on a part of your choice.

I know, I know: Of course, giving something away is never or rarely such a thing. Even hardcore cleaners can have problems with this. None of this changes the fact that some things are a classic bad buy. Bad purchases make you feel uncomfortable and only take up space for really good outfits. Even if giving it away or throwing it away is a challenge at first glance: It makes life immensely easier! If the things are still lying around unworn in the closet, they remind us of our mistake every day. And what's gone is gone and someone else is guaranteed to be very happy about it.

How to organize your wardrobe:

In drawers:
• Create a separate area for jewelry and (hand) bags
• Slips, undershirts - roll, put
• Place bras separately with enough space around the cups (do not put the padded cups inside each other)
• Socks, stockings in pairs - rolled up, put inside each other
• Tights, stockings - rolled up, put inside each other. Like to pack fine items in transparent bags so that they stay intact and don't pull threads that become ladder
• Scarves, shawls - folded, rolled, 1-ply so that they are visible from above
• Belt - rolled up, e.g. in beautiful shoe boxes, also visible from above

To the bar:
Pants, skirts, dresses, suits, costumes, shirts, blouses sorted by color or type

On the shelves:
T-shirts, tops, pullovers, cardigans, sweaters

So that you can enjoy the journey: take your time, don't put it between two appointments. Put on good music or listen to a good audio book. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, have something to drink and eat ready so you don't have to interrupt in between. And then: go ahead! If you lack the motivation to start: For some, mucking out is a bit like the tax return: look forward to the result!

FRAU MAIER, alias Katharina, is a style consultant and shows on her website how you can be happy with your wardrobe again. With free webinars, her online course "StilSicher in 8 Weeks" and online style coaching, she helps you look good and (again) feel really good in your second skin. She knows: good style is not a question of money - if you have a coherent wardrobe, you only need a few pieces to be able to combine as much as possible.