Can prayer actually solve problems?

We all know that there are many troubles to deal with today. We often seek help from strong people to solve them or even from people who foresee events. And yet, without realizing it, we do not turn to the one who created us. It is not far from us if we seek it with an open heart, regardless of our religion. But how do we finally do it? It's about earning pride. Encourage and pray in faith. alone or in a group, possibly with maximum concentration. The prayer begins with kneeling and joining hands. recited in a moderate voice. Our Father, Hail Mary and glory to the Father. all three repeated passionately at least several times. Talk as if someone else is listening to us. (Important ... let's not part our hands. As the Eternal communicates with the soul and we lose touch.) The moment we start praying. we can be disturbed by outside forces. like thoughts. useless things. Digressions and more. By repeating prayers. everything goes away. because even if we wanted to think something. it will be impossible to do this. Even before you contact us. we will start yawning. possibly with tears in his eyes. Entering a state of general relaxation. Here we have to ask in the form of a dialogue. help the Eternal Father. to solve our problem. The whole thing is not strange. actually quite normal. Follow the advice above. which are the same for all people. We begin with a greeting addressed to God. And with the phrase "Hello Padreterno .."; below. There is a report of the problems or issues we are concerned about. with a request for help from the Eternal. Our prayer group. draws the three main prayers from the church. Our father, Hail Mary and glory to the father. (The simplest and best known among the people.) And empower them. with an intimate conversation with God in which you can talk to the Almighty about everything. from everyday little things to serious problems. In short, a real dialogue at 360 degrees. Example of what you need.: 'Please. help me find a job. help me overcome my illness. relieve the headache. all forms of malaise. Get rid of depression. Let go of the stress of the day. To solve. or overcome problems in love. Get out of the drug tunnel. for the unemployed to find a job. in the family and in society. End hostilities and promote peace. in some cases recovery from disease and more. Insist several times during the day. and in the coming days according to the request. This also applies to men as researchers. Doctors and Scientists. what with the help of prayer. You can be enlightened by our Creator. By making discoveries for the well-being and health of mankind. It is necessary between one anecdote and another. and at the end of the conversation. repeat once. Our Father, Hail Mary and glory to the Father. Therefore. pray together. The presence of God is in all hearts at the same time. and this makes your intervention easier. We will not be heard when it comes to requests to play for winnings. But how can we reciprocate the love of our Holy Father? Conquer the selfishness and insatiability in us, be ready to help the poor and donate at least part of our earnings to the needy. Of course this is not easy, but do not worry, the sacrifice will come spontaneously thanks to the prayers. We feel the need to give. You might ask yourself, how can we find the real poor? The religions often do not convince us with their leadership; so what can we do? It is enough to pray in the same way as before and when one has made contact, say: (Eternal Father, I ask you, help me find those who are really needy so that I can do my part); be reassured, you will find them, the Holy Father will give you yet another proof that he has heard you. It will then be your soul that decides that what matters is action. He is more than a friend to us and does not deserve to be abandoned, on the contrary, he tells him the facts, the worries, the sadness, the injustices, the difficult and strange problems of the day; our creator will give you his energy, penetrating your deepest soul and illuminating it. After receiving help, you should not be so ungrateful as to forget about prayer; Never underestimate it: when it is spoken in a group, its power is so strong that it can change the most terrible world events that threaten humanity. No matter what happens, our Holy Father will guide you and give you peace and let it dwell in your hearts. I guarantee you the absolute benefit of prayer. and I assure you of this dialogue with the Eternal. frees the soul from impurities. and brings peace and wellbeing.

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Note: On the following page we list the prayers mentioned in the hope that you will open your hearts to our Heavenly Father