What celebrities are also good musicians


Why book a celebrity?

A prominent face on your event gives it special attention. But not only that: The other invited guests will be given a special honor, which they will appreciate. The appearance of a celebrity will definitely make your event unforgettable!

What uses are there for celebrities at my event?

The possible uses of a celebrity at an event are as diverse as the celebrities themselves. However, celebrities do not necessarily have to be used in their profession. For example, a well-known actor could present your product and thus attract guests to your booth. Have your gala hosted by a well-known cabaret artist or model! Or surprise your employees with a private concert by a pop star or DJ at your Christmas party! A private magic show by world-famous illusion artists is just as possible as the greeting of your guests by a well-known football official.

Regardless of what you choose: You are sure to be enthusiastic about your guests, because unforgettable moments are guaranteed in any case!

Why book through the Event Portal?

Event Portal enables you to have a celebrity appear at your event!

Whether a marketing event or a company anniversary, 20 or 20,000 guests - our celebrities are all show professionals who know how to deal with the audience and the hype around them.

Simply click on your desired VIP and ask for its availability for your desired date free of charge and without obligation. Event Portal offers you only selected celebrities with transparent pricing.