What are Social Security Survivor Benefits

Group life insurance to improve survivors' benefits

The Convention (on Minimum Standards) of Social Security No. 102, adopted by the International Labor Conference of the ILO on June 28, 1952, lays down globally accepted minimum standards for all nine branches of social security, with which the widest possible development of social systems Safety should be promoted. The nine branches are: medical care, sick pay, unemployment benefits, old age benefits, accidents at work and occupational diseases, family benefits, maternity benefits, disability benefits, and survivors' benefits.

The defined benefit system of the Local Authorities Pension Trust (LAPT) meets these minimum standards and provides retirement and survivor benefits for its members. To supplement the existing benefits, the system has now reached an agreement with the insurers to offer the following additional insurance benefits:

  1. Group life insurance with three times the annual earnings of the insured as the sum insured (minimum amount of the equivalent of USD 5,000 to USD 50,000);
  2. Grants for funeral (final expenses) and life-threatening conditions and diseases (equivalent to US $ 1,000).

This multi-tier dynamic approach makes it possible to effectively pursue the main objective of the old-age pension system - the fight against poverty in old age - while at the same time providing the members of the system with additional benefits.

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