What are some fun but informative screenshots

That was Dmexco 2020: raw food - difficult to digest

Many of the contributions by well-known speakers at Dmexco were simply outright PR on their own behalf. It's okay too. There was even something funny about it. I got the impression that some of the protagonists had had moderation training shortly beforehand. You often saw the same gestures, the same tension-creating emphasis: drama for mild content. Easily consumable in the form of cotton candy.

On the other hand, there were panels - also made up of top-class members - who spoke so hard and plain language that you had to have drunk at least a double espresso to keep up with your thoughts. One thing is clear: when experts talk to experts, things get difficult.

More like Twitter than Linkedin

Dmexco Grandmaster Matyka said in advance that Dmexco was a mixture of Netflix, Zoom and Linkedin. Well First: In the Netflix comparison, the Dmexco was too factual. Compared to Zoom, it wasn't technically mature enough. And the comparison with LinkedIn lags because it is very limited in time.

The physical Dmexco was a meeting. The digital Dmexco is an exchange. And speaking of comparisons with American companies: I had to think of Twitter. I also get an incredible amount of authentic, source information. But not curated, but prodomo-colored, incoherent, unchecked. In other words: a mosaic of nothing but fragments of information.