How is Kolhapur after the flood

Horror night in front of Mumbai: Train stuck in high water for hours

A train with almost 900 travelers got stuck in the floods in southwest India after heavy monsoon rains. All passengers, including children, were brought to safety by boat and helicopter from the flood-surrounded wagons of the "Mahalaxmi Express" about 60 kilometers northeast of the metropolis of Mumbai, a spokesman for the Central Railway said at the weekend.

Travelers ask for help through social media

The train that runs the Mumbai-Kolhapur route was caught in the floods on Friday evening (local time) in the Badlapur area. However, rescue workers were only able to arrive hours later and get the first passengers out. Travelers had posted videos of their desperate situation on social media and asked for help. The train staff also made emergency calls, it said. Members of the navy, civil protection and railway police as well as doctors and paramedics were involved in the rescue operation.

For 15 hours without drinking water

Passengers reported to the IANS news agency that they were stuck on the train for about 15 hours without drinking water. Accordingly, the rescue operation took hours. The water was around 1.5 to 1.8 meters high around the wagons and blocked the way out on all sides.

Air traffic to Mumbai temporarily interrupted

In and around Mumbai, heavy rain fell on Friday due to the monsoon that lasted until September. Road and air traffic were also temporarily interrupted. The metropolis fights against floods every year with the start of the rainy season in June. This year more than 280 people died in the water masses across the country, especially in the northeastern states of Bihar and Assam.