How do ChipTAN barcodes work

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After my little contribution on the topic of "Secure online banking: is it even possible?" I often asked about the TAN generator. I use the ReinerSCT Tanjack as a TAN generator - it masters the HHD 1.4 standard. With this chipTAN is possible:

Also called "smartTAN". The TAN is generated by a so-called TAN generator. The device is similar to a chip card reader with a numeric keypad, display and slot for an EC card. However, it is not connected to the computer but is an independent and battery-operated device. When executing a business transaction that requires a TAN, the bank sends a so-called "start code" which the user must transfer to the TAN generator. Together with the inserted EC card, the device uses this to calculate the TAN number. [...]

The device also masters optical chipTAN:

Also called "chipTAN comfort" or "sm @ rtTAN optic". The code is transmitted via a type of barcode scanner. A flashing bar code (so-called "flicker code") is displayed on the computer screen. The user must insert his EC card into the slot of the device and then hold it in front of the screen so that the sensors on the back of the device can scan the code from the screen.

This TAN generator also works perfectly in combination with Hibiscus. You should then inquire whether it also works with your bank or banks should also publish information on this.

Reader question chipTAN: Which TAN generator do you use? January 19th, 2021Mike Kuketz
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