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However, Balon Graufreud refuses to cooperate, as Theon is no longer considered an heir due to his lost manhood. Rather than face Ramsay's anger, Theon and Sansa jump from the Winterfell battlements into the snow and flee. He made his acting debut at the age of two in a commercial for the television series The Comic Strip Presents…. Andrew Dunbar passed away unexpectedly. Thank you so much for all you've done for us, Andrew. He is brought back to the very castle he escaped from, the serving boy proving to actually be his captor, Ramsay Snow. Theon is the youngest son and presumptive heir of Balon Greyjoy, taken as a ward by Lord Eddard Stark following Balon's failed rebellion. The 33-year-old wrote that he was "extremely shocked and sad" after learning of Dunbar's death. [29], Theon and Sansa are fleeing north. Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series, supporters and servants of the House of Stark, Andrew Dunbar passed away unexpectedly. Then they sail with Daenerys' Armada towards Westeros [33]. Theon returns to Dragonstone, seeking Daenerys' aid in freeing Yara, but discovers that Daenerys has left to confront the Lannister army on the Roseroad. He reluctantly agrees to light a candle in the tallest window of the shattered tower of Winterfell - just as one of Sansa's sympathizers told her to do if she ever needed help - but instead, Theon goes to Ramsay and tells him about his conversation with Sansa. When Roose Bolton begins to lead his forces back to the North, Ramsay (who has since been legitimized as a Bolton) has Theon convince the Ironborn garrison holding Moat Cailin to surrender, but flays them regardless. After sending some of his men to defeat Torrhen's Square and lure Winterfell's garrison away from the castle, Theon and his party invade and capture Winterfell. ", Andy McClay, the most famous" Game of Thrones "extra since the documentary" The Last Watch ", said according to" Belfast Live "about Andrew Dunbar:" There was something special about it. The post ends with the words: "Above all, we will remember his friendly soul and infectious personality. Inspired by this, and remembering that Yara was the only one who tried to free him from Ramsay, Theon orders the Ironborn survivors to aid him in freeing Yara. [38], On Winterfell, he reports to Daenerys that his sister has been freed and tries to recapture the Iron Islands in Daenerys's name. Theon refuses, and soon afterwards Winterfell is besieged by men of House Bolton commanded by (the then unnamed ) Ramsay Snow, the sadistic bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton. While Ramsay and the Bolton army attack Stannis Baratheon's forces, Sansa makes another escape attempt, but is caught and threatened by Myranda. Theon is present as Daenerys in the council of war on Dragonstone the Iron Men orders to sail to Dorne and besieged King's Landing together with the Dornish Army On the run Bran Stark - Eddard's second son, after his r inglorious escape he is dragged out of the water by one of the last still intact ships in his fleet and he claims to have done everything to save Asha, but one of the iron men remarks that in that case he would not be here and no one believes him. Theon's men are unable to recapture the two and Theon kills two farm boys to pass their bodies off as those of the Stark boys, an act he soon feels guilty for. OP.GG. Outraged, Yara responds that she intends to save her brother on her own accord. [9]. Find family history information in a whole new way. Grossjon stands up and draws his sword. Jon reassures Theon that Sansa is safe, but furiously tells him that his life is only being spared since he helped save Sansa. He is said to have been in his mid-30s. The post ends with the words: “Most of all, we will remember his friendly soul and infectious personality. Theon is stunned to find that Ramsay has been betrothed to Sansa Stark. Finally Ramsay arrives and engages in a fight with Asha and her men and sets his dogs on them. Theon later encounters Mance Rayder (disguised as Abel the bard) and his spearwives, who enlist his help in freeing Jeyne, having been sent by Jon Snow. Dunbar is said to have been in his mid-30s and worked as an extra. At the war council before battle, Bran (who has since developed his greening abilities to become the Three-Eyed Raven) declares that he will wait in the Godswood to lure out the Night King, commander of the White Walkers. However, Yara's fleet is attacked by Euron in the Narrow Sea, with Euron personally taking Yara captive. He frees Asha from Euron's cabin and sails with her towards the Iron Islands. The royals' hairstyles are so perfect. Theon is charged to reave on the Stony Shore, but is jealous when he learns that his sister Asha has captured Deepwood Motte. Later, while Theon is sleeping in Winterfell's kennel, Sansa, who has been sent to the kennel by Myranda, discovers Theon. Theon attempts to rally his men to fight to the death, but they knock him out and hand him over to Ramsay, hoping for amnesty. House Greyjoy rule the region from their seat at Pyke and Balon also holds the title Lord Reaper of Pyke. Theon was born at Pyke. During the imprisonment, Ramsay severely tortured Theon physically and psychologically before physically emasculating him and mockingly changing his name to "Reek". [6]. For OP Score's beta test, based on the characteristics of each match your results may be somewhat inaccurate We will keep trying to improve the indicators and calculations used in OP Score so we can create the most objective rating possible. After giving a worker money to buy a horse in the dilapidated harbor, a young woman offers to take him to the festival in person. Theon arrives to find Balon instead intends to seize the North while Robb is fighting in the Riverlands. Dunbar was also seen in season six in the episode "The Battle of the Bastards" as one of the allies on Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) side. He is played by Alfie Allen and appears for the first time in "Winter is Coming," the first episode of the series.

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