What do consumers think of SMS marketing

7 tips for successful SMS marketing

1. Offer added value

Spread joy with your SMS. Send discount codes, sale notices or personalized information ("Your favorite item is available again"). Your customers value your message and you generate more sales.

2. Serious sender

Build trust by using your company name as the sender instead of an unknown cell phone number. Please note that there are only 11 characters available for an alphanumeric sender.

3. Personalization

A personal salutation in SMS Marketing picks up recipients better and creates trust. This gives recipients the feeling that this offer has been tailored to them. Of course, you score even more with personal offers such as birthday gifts or discounts.

4. Tracking and Analysis

If you link to your webshop in the SMS, make sure that link tracking is set up. In this way you can keep track of how many recipients have clicked on the link (click through rate) and precisely evaluate the SMS campaign.

5. Find the right frequency

Don't write texts to your customers. Anyone who receives promotional text messages all the time will get annoyed at some point. A good guideline: send SMS no more than once a month. And inform your subscribers in advance about the frequency of sending.

6. Choose the right time

Link tracking helps you find out when the most people click on your link. For information about the best time to ship, it helps to ship at different times. Please note, however, that most consumers do not want to be contacted after 9 p.m. or like to sleep in on the weekend.

7. Keep it short

It does not have to be 160 characters, but in any case the SMS should not be too long. The faster you get to the point, the higher the probability that your message will be read in full and the recipient will become the buyer.

SMS campaigns: simple and effective

SMS campaigns are an effective marketing tool. They are set up quickly and leave more leeway than you might think. SMS Marketing is ideally suited for eCommerce. By inserting a URL, you can forward the recipients directly to your webshop. Consumers particularly like to receive coupons via SMS. These are also redeemed 10 times more often than other coupons.