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America in the mirror of German political thought


The task of conveying an idea of ​​the image that has existed in Germany of that country since the establishment of the United States can be approached in two ways. It is possible, on the one hand, to use the source material to draw up a complete account of the development that has determined German political thinking about the USA, and at the same time to investigate whether and what influence American institutions and processes have exerted on German politics . In order to clarify these problems, however, it is also possible to place the main emphasis on the sources and, in the form of an extensive introduction, to show the connections, knowledge of which is essential in order to be able to fully understand the historical and political significance of the sources that have been published. If the latter path was chosen in the following, the decisive consideration was that the promotion of mutual understanding between the two nations and the elimination of the all too numerous misunderstandings between them is best served by a number of German authors speak for themselves who have spoken out about American political, social, constitutional and economic problems and of whom it can be assumed that they exerted a more than temporary influence on German thinking about the USA. The author endeavored to allow representatives of various intellectual and political currents to have their say in order to give the reader intellectual access to disputes that have proven to be so significant for German fate.


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