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Top 16 job portals for freelancers: an overview of the best project exchanges (2021)

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More and more agencies, companies and startups rely on project-oriented cooperation with freelancers. In Germany alone there are almost five million freelancers and around every third HR manager wants to work with them more often in the future. But in the end the question of all questions remains: How do freelancers get jobs that actually match their qualifications, requirements and salary expectations? And for startups and founders, the question arises: which freelancer portal for which project, where is the easiest way to award projects - in short: where do I find the best people?

Start-up kitchen recommendation

The English-speaking platformwww.fiverr.com offers services from USD 5 and lists several million offers. We recommend the large international microjob exchanges.

Here is our list of project portals that you should definitely take a look at as startups or freelancers (as of January 2021).


Upwork's offer is aimed at a right wide range of qualifications:Developers, creatives, editors, virtual assistants and specialists from marketing, sales and customer service are most likely to find what they are looking for there. The special thing about Upwork is its “Instamatch function” with which freelancers can set their availability status. You can choose between “immediately”, “later” and “not looking”. Clients can contact them directly via a messaging app and commission them in real time. The tool also offers chat and video functions.

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On the Acquisition platform freelance.de the focus is on IT and SAP projects and those for engineers and technicians, whereby designers, marketing specialists or communication managers will also find what they are looking for. The platform offers its users various additional services such as market overviews, fee comparisons or tools for project and order management. Service offers such as the targeted search for projects or tools for application management are available to freelancers. The mediation is free of commission, the offer extends to the German-speaking area.

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Smartjobr is the first international matching app for iOS and Android, the Bringing freelancers and clients directly together. The offer is aimed primarily at the creative and digital industries. A specially developed matching technology ensures that freelancers receive suitable job offers via push message. You can save a detailed profile with information on knowledge, references and daily rates. Interesting contacts can be added on both sides and strengthen the network concept that the app also offers. The download and the basic version are free, the placement of jobs is free of commission for both parties.

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At Twago, companies can post projects with a requirement profile, budget and offer deadlines free of charge. Interested freelancers, especially programmers, app developers or online marketing experts, can contact the company, ask questions about the projects and have to submit an offer to convince the client. Payment is made via an integrated escrow service; Twago retains part of the proceeds as a commission.

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The Personnel service provider GULP's offer is aimed primarily at specialists in the fields of IT, engineering and finance. Not only freelancers can use the GULP service. Employees can also apply for a temporary assignment in companies and permanent positions are also offered. Services in the fields of field services and service desks as well as the acceptance of construction orders in the service / work contract environment complete the offer.

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Freelancer Map

Freelancers can be found on freelancermap from the IT and technology sector Tenders to which you apply directly can. You can store a detailed profile and apply for suitable projects using a search and filter function. Project providers can find the right candidates using a category structure and send them project inquiries directly. Self-programmed scripts can be sold in a script exchange. Various discussion forums offer space for professional exchange. There is a channel calculation especially for IT service providers with relevant news and information from the industry. There is both free basic and paid premium membership.

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jomondo has digitized the classic application process. This is about searching for and finding both online and on-site projects. There is no specialization in certain industries; anyone can submit a project request or offer free of charge. The application process takes place by letter with as detailed information as possible about the knowledge. Application documents such as certificates, photos or references can also be uploaded and sent. The commission of 20 percent must be paid by the client.

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Freelancer is no ordinary job search portal. Here candidates have to go into competition with their fellow competitors and Submit offers for advertised projects. The most suitable candidates for the project are suggested to the providers via a supplementary recommendation system and they can contact them directly via a chat function. Payment is made via the marketplace, either after milestones have been reached or after the order has been completed. Freelancers can find international projects in the fields of software development, copywriting, sales and marketing, accounting, law or data processing here.

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Uplink is a network for IT freelancers in Germany and positions itself as a simple, fair and transparent alternative to classic IT recruiters. The projects are pre-filtered by the platform operators and only well-paid and attractive offers are offered to members. If there is a placement, the freelancer has to pay a fee, namely 10% for the first 6 months of working with the customer. In addition to project mediation, Uplink offers regular events in larger German cities, a very active and helpful Slack community, advantages and offers from cooperation partners and much more. There are now over 400 freelancers in the uplink network.

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Freelancer portals international

> WeWorkRemotely.com (international)


At Fiverr it works especially micro jobs - small tasks that can be done online. Fiverr is international, therefore also English-speaking. The name says it all: the prices for services start here at 5 USD - hence “Fiverr”. Several million offers are always listed on the Israel-based platform - one of the major international micro-job exchanges.

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WeWorkRemotely is about all jobs that are not tied to any specific execution location. The international, English-language platform lists all possible types of jobs: from customer support activities to marketing and business exec activities to programming and application development and content creation. A large number of freelancers are searching for WeWorkRemotely - but there is a small downer: placing an ad costs USD 299 for 30 days.

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> Remote.com

remote is aimed both to freelancers and specialists who are looking for a permanent position. Projects in the areas of marketing, development, translation, design and editing can be found there. The remote system is based on a learning algorithm that analyzes the profiles of the specialists with regard to their skills, experience and personality traits in order to provide them with projects that are as precise as possible. The order is placed immediately and in real time, and payment is also made via the platform.

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> Simplyhired.com (international)

Simplyhired is actually a job platform that works both internationally and nationally in 24 different countries, including Germany - alongside it You are also looking for freelancers for so-called “remote jobs” on Simplyhired. The platform offers a very wide range and also the possibility of searching for freelancers in specific countries. Using a pay-per-click model, you can then bring your search to the top of a certain list category.

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Freelancer portals especially for creatives, designers and copywriters

> blogger jobs

The core business of blogger jobs are Jobs for bloggers - and still an important source of business for bloggers who write articles for the money. In addition, entire blogs are sold on the platform, article spaces are offered or cooperation partners are sought for blogs. There is always a lot of activity on the completely German-speaking and free platform, usually a few hundred search ads and bids can be seen.

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> 99designs

As the name suggests, 99designs is aimed at freelance designers from various creative areas such as logo and corporate identity, app and web design, art and illustration, companies and advertising, or clothing and product design. Companies can provide a design briefing with details of requirements and prize money. Designers from all over the world apply in a classic pitch with an initial idea for the project. The clients can give further instructions via ratings, comments and private messages and after seven days choose the best design from all submissions. The winner receives the advertised prize money, the client all rights to use the design.

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> Let design

In the case of design letting, the focus is on logo design and corporate designs, but also web design, packaging design and creative naming for companies. The approach is very interesting: Not only can a single freelancer be commissioned, but a competition can also be advertised. First of all, prize money is set, and all members of the community (currently around 60,000) can make design suggestions. You can continuously rate and comment on these suggestions until you have the design that you like. The prize money then goes to the designer whose work you liked the most. In general, around 50-90 design suggestions are made for each project. A logo design is available from at least 189 euros (net).

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> The eye

The portal is one of the best-known in the field of graphic jobs, and according to its own information, it is also the largest. Freelance jobs for graphic artists and designers, for photographers, but also for multimedia and advertising are listed here. In fact, there are a lot of jobs here too. The portal is in German.

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Note on Xing projects
The old version of the Xing projects no longer exists - projects are now completely integrated into the job market at Xing. Since the end of January 2018, freelancer jobs can simply be published “time-based” under a single point. Freelancers can also use the filter search to find the advertised projects. From mid-2018, Xing launched a completely redesigned platform for freelancer jobs.

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves which freelancer portal is the right one. The respective industry focal points offer a good initial orientation.