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If your Snapchat account has been blocked and you want to unblock or activate it again, this article will tell you what to look out for and how to reactivate it.

In Germany, the number of Snapchat users is increasing every day and it is more and more common that Snapchat accounts are blocked that do not comply with the guidelines or that use third-party apps.

Snapchat accounts are blocked for different reasons and there are different types of blocking. Ultimately, this is related to the reason for the suspension.

Unlock your Snapchat account

In order to activate or unblock your own Snapchat account again, measures may be required so that the Snapchat account does not remain permanently blocked.

As a rule, you will be informed in good time about the blocking of the profile and asked to make appropriate changes so that it can be activated again. If the Snapchat account has been temporarily blocked, please wait in a few hours and then try to log in again.

If your Snapchat account has been blocked for a longer period of time, you have the option of unblocking it yourself or requesting an unblocking.

If the reason for the blocking has not been resolved, it will not be possible to unblock it. So you should inform yourself in advance and check your account for possible policy violations before you apply for a new activation to unblock the Snapchat account. Otherwise, the Snapchat account permanently blocked become.

Reasons for blocking a Snapchat account

  1. Third party app
    Many use apps from other developers to access Snapchat. This is not supported by Snapchat and can lead to a ban. So if you use an app that is not from Snapchat, but you can log in with it, this is also a security problem. Hence, Snapchat doesn't want such third party apps to be used.Unlock account:
    In this case, you should first uninstall or delete all third-party apps. And only then can you access the Snapchat app again via the official app.
    Who continues to access other developers' apps risked a permanent blockingof the Snapchat account !!!
  2. Spam in Snapchat
    If you send unwanted snaps to other users or messages etc. then this can be rated as spam and also leads to a blocking of your Snapchat account. So pay attention to whom you send what so that you are not blocked for sending spam.
  3. Too many people are adding
    If you want to add too many friends in a very short time without first confirming your email address or mobile phone number, you can also be blocked. So it is important not to add too many people in a very short time. You should also confirm your email or mobile phone number as soon as possible.

Please check carefully whether one of the above reasons for blocking is in your account. Snapchat writes the following about this:

The continued use of third-party apps or other extras, the sending of spam or other abusive behavior can lead to your account being permanently blocked

Unlock or reactivate your Snapchat account

If all errors and violations have been removed and the Snapchat account has not been automatically activated after a few days, you can unblock your Snapchat account using the following button:

Unlock your Snapchat account

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment at the end of the article.