Which is the best app for animation

Make GIF: The 3 Best Free Apps for Android and iOS

Comment areas in social networks and messenger apps can hardly do without the GIF images, i.e. short animations. With the right apps, you can create your own GIFs on the iPhone and Android smartphone.

Popular apps like WhatsApp and Telegram access the GIPHY database. If you can't find the right picture, you can build your own animated GIF. In addition to the corresponding apps, you only need the right image material. Ideally, you have made your own photos with a short distance, which you combine to form a GIF. In addition, you can also assemble your own GIF from videos.

Note: If you do not use your own images, you should observe the copyright.

GIPHY Cam: The best (currently unavailable)

Note: GIPHY Cam is currently not available in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. It is still unclear whether the app will return.

Behind this app are GIPHY, the providers of the largest GIF database. With GIPHY Cam you get your own GIF image in a matter of seconds. Start the app and press and hold the record button. If you let go of your finger, your GIF is already ready. Optionally, you can equip the picture with additional stickers, effects or text. The selection of filters is constantly growing, so that you can always equip your works of art with new elements.

You take the pictures for your GIF either with the selfie or the main camera. Of course, you can also access videos and photos that have already been created on the smartphone memory via GIPHY Cam. You either save the result on your smartphone or send it directly from the application via WhatsApp and other social media.

  • Easy to handle
  • Lots of effects and filters
  • Ad-free

Here is your new one GIPHY app:

Gif Me! Camera: The simple one

Gif Me! Camera works just as easily. Start the app, press the record button and you're ready to create your own GIF. Press the button again to complete the recording. You will then see the animation on the screen. Optionally, you can edit your sequence. There are various effects to choose from. For example, you can put a sepia or black and white filter over the image or add stickers. You use a controller to determine how fast the individual images are played in the animation.

Furthermore, the app lets you manually arrange the order of the individual images in the sequence. For a surprise effect, add an additional, self-selected image to the animation. In the free app, an advertising banner is displayed in the upper part of the screen. Some stickers and the ad-free version are activated by in-app purchase.

    Easy creation of GIFs
  • Also supports videos
  • The camera does not always focus automatically

give me Gif Me! Camera for Android and iOS:

JibJab: the creative one

If you don't have a spontaneous idea, but still want to be the main actor in your own GIF animation, is JibJab the right app for you. In this application, you cut out your face from a photo to insert it into various pre-made mini videos. For example, you can create entertaining invitation cards. The video function allows you to become an actor in a popular music video, while the GIF function presents your head in funny situations.

The principle is reminiscent of the popular Christmas app Elf Yourself. JibJab works completely without advertising. You can also use this to save new GIFs on your smartphone or send the creative results directly to friends.

  • Templates for your own GIFs
  • Funny results without much thought
  • Registration required
  • Implementation of own ideas not possible

This way to your new favorite app

Tip for iPhone users: You can also access the built-in functions of the camera app directly if you want to create simple GIFs on the iPhone. The Live Photos feature will help you with this. The requirement is at least iOS 11. After you have opened a Live Photos image, swipe the screen upwards. Now you create an endless loop or an image with a boomerang effect ("ricochet") from the sequence and save the result as a GIF.

Conclusion: Apps for creating GIFs - our test result

If you want to create and send your own GIF, you don't need any in-depth knowledge of image processing. The right apps do all the work for you. All you need is a fun idea and some creativity. Do you have a precise idea of ​​what your mini-film should look like GIPHY Cam the right app for you. If you want to put yourself in the limelight in a funny or artistic way, without having to think too much beforehand, we deliver JibJab numerous templates.