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Is the word ORCHARD allowed in Scrabble?

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Garden where fruit is grown
Garden in which mainly fruit trees grow


raw edible, mostly juicy fruits that come from trees, bushes and perennial shrubs, with a predominantly sweet or sour, "fruity" taste
  • Word separation:
  • Word form:
  • Synonyms:


slang (for a specific purpose) someone or something over a specific, mostly longer period of time (police, intelligence service) observe, monitor
  • Word separation:
    • ob · sen, preterite obs · te, part. ge · fruit
  • Word form:
  • Synonyms:
    • observe, spy on, spy on, eavesdrop, shadow, spy on, keep an eye on, have in the crosshairs, spy on, do not let go of your eyes, pursue, go., track down, colloquial sniff, landscape, watch out


enclose, enclosed or fenced in, fenced in (often belonging to or adjoining a house) Plot for small-scale cultivation of useful plants, useful and ornamental plants
*transferred, t1 = _, coll.
Bucket tree set up in front of an inn, bucket trees
iron. Terrain / location for realistic combat training for soldiers

at all

Word meaning of at all(- Basic form -)
Cuisine, synonymous with cooked, well-cooked, well-done, well-baked
South German, Austrian, colloquial end, used up
very, very, perfectly, even
  • Word separation:
    • ferment, preterite cooked, part. cooked
    • ferment
  • Word form:
  • Synonyms: