What is your deepest shower thought

Holiday relaxation through creativity - I'll try that

I have made up my mind to take some time on this vacation to be a little creative again. I used to paint a lot, with a brush on canvas. But since you can somehow tinker everything so easily and beautifully digitally, I hardly do that anymore, which I think is a shame. I happened to rediscover my desire to work creatively with colors when I was painting ceramics with my friend the other day. I gave it to her for her birthday and we were both very inspired. How we sat there and didn't even have time to chat because we had to concentrate on choosing and positioning the next color. 3 hours went by in a flash and afterwards I realized that the whole time I was completely in a different world. I didn't think about the kids, unanswered emails, or Instagram. That was nice.
Shortly before our trip, I was invited to an Edding event, where I got to know another, very great opportunity to let off steam creatively. The lettering.
So for my vacation I stocked up on edding brush pens, fiber pens and mandala books, so that I can fully engage with shapes and colors when I'm on vacation.


Who does not know it, curved lettering with funny sayings or whiteness has been flooding Instagram for quite a while. I think this type of design is nice, but somehow I never really dared to do it. I thought that I can't. At the Edding event we got a little crash course in hand lettering and, as I had already suspected, I was totally impressed.
I am highly motivated to practice the technique and create great, colorful lettering. It actually works quite well, which of course motivates. I even took a book with explanations and instructions with me on vacation. Obviously, learning a new type of writing isn't easy, but I'm so motivated and full of vigor that I definitely want to tackle it. Somehow the letters suit me. I love to give gifts and I love to prepare small gifts. The sign on the jam, the birthday card or name tags on the tables, everything can be lettered and looks so much nicer. So this project is more associated with practice and hard work, but that also gives me calm and concentration. And that feels really good in addition to all the digital things in my everyday life.

The edding brush pens are available in great colors, so I feel like trying them all out right away. I took the Color Happy Box with 20 great brush pens with me on vacation. The pens are extremely versatile and can be combined. There is also a color mixer with which you can even mix intermediate tones. And what I really like is that the brush pens can be used like watercolors. For example, I first painted the lemons and melons on watercolor paper and then worked on them with a brush and water.
While looking for funny sayings or words, I came up with the idea to type words from my lions. Are also quasi wisdom and words that mean a lot to me. Sure, I also have a book in which I record funny words and twisted sentences, but I really like a lettered word like that. A highlight at the moment is “But babies can't do that” or “I don't do that at all”.
Individual passages from songs are also great to be climbed down.



Mandalas are great, they set the main shapes and still leave so much room for creativity.
For those who do not know mandalas. The term mandala means “starting from the center”. They are drawings of geometric shapes that form around a center point and thus create a great picture. In many religions, mandalas have a special meaning and are also used for mediation purposes. They are therefore often available with open spaces to color in.

It wasn't that easy for me to find suitable books. I wanted to look at the pictures and get started right away.
Some were too delicate for me, the others too coarse. I also didn't want solid motifs like animals or plants, just shapes.

Paint anti stress

Just sitting there and painting or lettering is the deepest relaxation for me. I seldom manage that even on vacation and rarely at home.
As a child I loved to paint and color in. I sat there for hours, all to myself, fiddling with crayons and felt-tip pens. And you have to know, I was more of a stormy kid, but when it came to painting I could sink. Even if you have to say that I've always been quite taken with the simple success of the mandalas. Not much can go wrong there. Relaxing too, right?
Even now I fall back into this world of colors and forget everything else around me. Does painting relax me in itself, or does it have something to do with memories of my childhood? That my memory feels like it used to? Carefree and carefree. Sitting with a box of colored pencils on the floor of my children's room carpet and listening to Bibi and Tina. Just paint and forget everything around you, like back then.
No matter where it comes from, it feels good.

In everyday life

I have made it up to myself: I'll do it at home. Let Netflix be Netflix, make me comfortable and get the pens out. And maybe this time my memory is not entangled with childhood memories but with vacation moments. I think about which color to take next and look up at the sea and the waves clapping against the big stone I'm sitting on.