Why do people feel drawn to one another?

The hidden reasons why we are drawn to certain people

Love is one of the most beautiful and most important things in the world, but also one of the greatest mysteries.

There are several reasons why we are attracted to some people. It can be both conscious as well as around unconsciousreasons act.

Conscious reasons include all of the things that we can see with our five senses. This includes the external appearance of a person, their scent, their voice, but also their touch and behavior.

Besides these obvious reasons, there are also less obvious aspects that make certain people irresistible.

When we take pleasure in someone, we internally imagine what our life and future with that person could be like.

Although this may sometimes bring us into confrontation with common sense, we long to relate to this new person to heal the wounds of a previous relationship and leave it behind.

We get the feeling that this one person can completely improve our lives. As soon as this person steps into our lives, they will instantly give us a feeling of serenity and ease.

After the first Feelings of happiness and anticipation we soon start to doubt whether we are worth being with this person and whether we are good enough for them.

Our wounds, self-doubts, and insecurities from previous relationships, which we have successfully repressed and denied, can only be through the Affection, love and compassion of a new person in our life.

Old and unhealed wounds can be healed through loving care, attention and support.

But it is very important to be open to new relationships and to be ready to process the pain of the original experiences in order to be able to forget them in the end.

We feel attracted to certain people, because only through their appearance do we believe that we have found our soulmate and that we can finally feel perfect.

After an unhappy relationship, feelings and passion are finally awakened in us, but also the need for healing and wholeness.

By mutual support and determination we can free ourselves from the shackles of the past and feel drawn to someone again. We are in a state in which it is easy for us to open up to our partner and to give him our fullest trust.

This is the only way we can become aware of the fact that we are ready to recreate our old self and to let go of the old relationship.

Although some people find it difficult to let go and choose a life of quiet desperation, we should take all our courage and strength to work on a new and better life and intimate relationship.

It has probably happened to each of us before that we met someone who seems perfect for us.

Even though the person is handsome and has good character traits, the spark still doesn't really want to jump.

Instead, we are drawn to people who normally do not meet our needs and preferences.

We fall in love with someone out of the blue and just can't help but talk about our new crush's good looks or their sense of humor.

Many people know this situation and ask themselves what creates these strong feelings for the other person?

How does it come about that we feel particularly strongly attracted to some people and not at all to others?

We have no control over why we are attracted to certain people, or why we are dismissive of others and do not give them a chance to get to know them better.

Some of the following conscious and unconscious reasons could explain what biologically attracts us to certain people.

From a psychological point of view, attraction certainly plays a role the proximity and frequent contact play an important role in a person, increasing the likelihood that we will find them attractive.


We are drawn to the people we see often and with whom we spend a lot of time, be it at work or among our friends and acquaintances.

Our personal environment also plays an important role in attractiveness.

Through our parents and other family members, the media, cultural influences and our social environment, we learn who or what has a great attraction for us and who can meet our basic needs for closeness and affection.

Either physical as well as psychological characteristics a person can arouse certain feelings in us and let us know whether we are attracted to that person or not.

Healthy-looking and friendly people with positive traits are more attractive than conceited, arrogant or unpredictable people.

In love, opposites usually attract, but it is often the other way around. Some people feel drawn to others when they do the same interests or views because it easily creates sympathy and a feeling of connectedness.

This potential new relationship will be conflict free and lasting because both have the same values ​​and attitudes towards life.

It can also happen that we find those people more attractive whose dislikes we share instead of their preferences.

Besides the characteristics and traits a person also have Hormones a big impact on a person's attraction.

Basically, a person's degree of attractiveness is very relative and just a matter of taste, but men's hormones usually play a role in women with a feminine figure and delicate facial features crazy while women tend to be too confident and ardent men to feel drawn with broad shoulders.

Every time we fall in love and gain insight into the reasons for attraction to certain people, we can learn something new about ourselves and feel a little more complete as a result.