Where can I find grocery vouchers

Wolfhagen. The Waldeck-Frankenberg job center reacted to the fraud of a Hartz IV recipient: In the future, the food vouchers will be provided with a 3D hologram in order to avoid counterfeiting.

"So far, this has not been necessary in our district," says the responsible spokeswoman for the Kassel district job center, Ute Blaha, who is head of the performance department. A 34-year-old man had copied and copied the vouchers for the job center in Waldeck-Frankenberg in November Unlike in Waldeck-Frankenberg, a 3D hologram on the vouchers for the Wolfhager Land is currently not an issue. "There is no urgency with us. We will only react when a case becomes known in our ranks But hopefully that won't happen, "says Blaha with a smile. She has been working in her profession for many years and has not yet seen a single case of possible forgeries of these vouchers.

The A4 vouchers are printed on colored paper, have a stamp from the job center and the signature of the clerk. After the voucher has been redeemed in a shop, the document including the invoice ends up on the desk of the clerk, who then notices a forgery at the latest. In the case of the Waldeck-Frankenberg job center, the risk of further counterfeiting is to be reduced rapidly in the future. “If necessary, I will find the solution that was found in Waldeck-Frankenberg to be the right one,” says Blaha, “but such offenses are relatively rare and we are not yet aware of anything.” The individual departments are responsible for adding the holograms left to yourself. According to Blaha, the vouchers have so far been secured well enough to be protected against counterfeiting even without a hologram.