What does Google know about its users

This page tells what Google knows about you - here's how to delete the data

René Resch

Google collects extensive data about its users. In this article, we will show you exactly what, and how you can prevent Google's data collection mania in the future.

EnlargeThis page tells what Google knows about you - here's how to delete the data
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A post on the video platform Tiktok recently went viral in which a user shows how much Google actually knows about the user - depending on usage behavior, the information collected can be quite extensive. Reference is made to this Google page (you must be logged in with your Google account). The company lists here which information is used by the personalized advertising displayed for you by Google.

This is data that Google has collected about you over time when using Google products such as the search engine, Android or tools such as Gmail or Youtube. This information is then used to personalize ads in the hope that they will be more accurate and more profitable - specifically tailored to the user.

This and other data and information can, however, also be viewed by the user and deactivated if desired. Here we show you how you can prevent further tracking or manage, delete and change your data.

Tiktok video causes a stir

In the Tiktok post, user Trish Babob referred to the Google website: "Well, I work in digital marketing, but I don't think anyone realizes how invasive Google actually is" . Of course, the video is supposed to shock.

Some of the information can be very vague, including categories like "Games". Others may not suit you either, but were recorded when you were looking for something specific. But then there is also information that can be shocking to the average user. Including: age, gender, marital status, parental status, home ownership status, job industry, the size of the company where you are employed and more. This data can be fairly accurate based on information or your search queries. With a click on the respective tab you can also find out what Google pulls this information from.

It looks something like this: “Google estimates this demographic based on your activity on Google services and other websites and apps that you are logged into to your account. Category information from people with similar Google activities was used for this estimate. "

Directly to the Google page: "Settings for advertising"

By clicking on the link, you can find out what information Google has collected about you. Conveniently, you can also activate or deactivate whether advertising should be personalized for you there.

Of course, Google not only collects among the "Settings for advertising" Data about you. A lot of data and processes are also stored in other areas. In the further course of the article we will show you how you can prevent this data from being tracked, delete or change information.

How to manage or delete the most important Google data and history

Change or delete data in your own Google account: The primary starting point for seeing what information Google has about you can be found in the overview of your Google account. This is where you'll find the information you've provided as well as data the Google has collected about you, plus a number of tabs that cover topics like "Security and privacy issues with your account" , the used space and the area "Data protection & personalization" cover.

Under "Personal data" It lists information such as your last name, first name / pseudonym, your date of birth, your gender, your backup email addresses for account recovery and your telephone numbers. Clicking on the specific areas will take you to a screen where you can manage this data. On the bottom "About me" in the tile "Decide what others can see" you cannot delete information, but you can determine who or what others can see about you.

Almost all of this information can be deleted, or at least modified. The situation is different only with alternative user names, these cannot be deleted. Similar to your date of birth, this cannot be deleted - however, it is possible to change and restrict it.

Delete or restrict important Google history: History such as web and app activities, location storage and your YouTube history can be viewed under the following points:

  • Data & Personalization> Activity Settings

Here you have the option of deleting your progressions with a click on the respective points, or of switching off the tracking completely.

The storage of contact information from your devices or interactions is also particularly interesting for Android users. You can prevent this collection under the following points:

  • "Contacts & Share"> "Contact data saved from interactions"

  • Contacts & Sharing> Contact Information From Your Devices

To the page already mentioned above in the text "Settings for advertising" , which collects a lot of your personal data, can of course also be reached manually:

  • "Data & Personalization"> "Personalized Advertising"> "Go to Advertising Settings"

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