Who was Magardhwaj in Ramayana

Why did Hanuman fight his son?

Yes, it is true that Lord Hanuman has a son. His son's name is "Makardhwaja" belonging to Samundra (Sea) and Patal.

The story about the Battle between Lord Hanuman and Makardhwaja is mentioned in Adbhut Ramayan . According to this story:

When King Ravana was certain of his defeat in the war with Lord Rama, he approached Ahiraavan to help him. Ahiraavan was the king of Patal Lok and Makardhwaja is the protector of Patal Lok.

When Ahiravana deceived and abducted Shri Rama and Laxman and brought Rama and Lakshmana to Patala. Lord Hanuman followed them to their rescue, where he met his son "Makardhwaja" at the gate of Patala Lok when Makardhwaja introduced himself as the son of Hanuman and told the story of his birth. Lord Hanuman accepted him as his son.

Then Sri Hanuman told him to save Sri Rama and Laxman, but "Makardhwaja" said Ahiravana was the master of Patallok, and while you are doing your duty I also serve my master to protect the Patal Lok.

Therefore, do not allow you to enter Patallok and then save the lives of Sri Rama and Laxman. Lord Hanuman fought and defeated his son "Makardhwaja".

You can see this video in Hindi showing the Panchmukhi Hanuman story who describes the full story and birth details of "Makardhwaja" and his mother.


Where in Valmiki Ramayana does it mention that Hanuman had a son?

Bhakti Sarovar

The birth story of Makardhwaj is linked with Hanuman Lanka burning down. When Hanuman put out the fire on this tail, a drop of sweat fell into the ocean and was swallowed by a crocodile (Makara in Sanskrit). As a result, a child was born to the Makara (crocodile). The child of a crocodile was called 'Makardhwaj'.


However, this is not present in Valmiki Ramayana. This must be present in the later version of Ramayana. Please change the sentence "Yes, according to Valmiki Ramayana it is true that Lord Hanuman has a son."