Why do you like Shane Dawson

Heroine and thief.

Ask @julchenfrege:

How does it feel to have his days (Hey, I'm a man: D)?

What's your biggest addiction?

If you could legalize something, what would it be?


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Why don't you like ApeCrime? :) is not meant accusingly, it just interests me :)

It started with the fact that I just didn't like the way they (especially Andre) treated their fans anymore. Over time, I found their videos more and more uncomfortable ...
I also think it seems like success has gone to their heads.

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any liker 12345678909876t5r4e32345678909876543234567 ^ 2345 likes?

who do you think is pretty on twitter?

Everyone is pretty and great, but this is by far the prettiest princess. <3

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What will you never do again

Volunteering with stupid (in the sense of aggressively stupid) people.

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Do you have pets?

I have a sister

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In which room do you spend most of your time at home?

Bedroom and living room. Fortunately they are next to each other.

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Post a picture that makes you ashamed of your country?

10 likes for every liker?

You still have exactly 24 hours, then the internet will be deleted. What you are doing?

Download as many videos and music as you can and backup cell phone numbers.

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How many times a day do you take a shower?

What is your opinion on same-sex relationships?

I ship Froid.

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If you were a farmer what would you grow?

What's the first thing you look at when you turn on your computer?

Imagine there are PCAs for YouTubers and you can give Floid his prize. What is in your speech

Ladies and gentlemen,
The prize in the 'All Time Favorite YouTuber' category is not just any prize. It is the main award of the evening and I can safely say that today's winner deserves this award more than anyone.
With his community, it's really no wonder that he emerges as the winner here. He moves his audience to change something and knows about important topics and all of this in his very own way. His videos live from his opinion and his ideas.

The winner ... in the category 'All Time Favorite YouTuber' ... iiiiiiist .... LeFloid.
* clap clap clap clap clap *
Now I really want YouTube PCAs. :O

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How would you react if the internet were suddenly gone forever?

how do you like Flo? :)

Flo is something of a role model, but because I've never met him, I can't say anything about him like about Frodo ...
That's a sensible, less fangirl-like answer. : D

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Which channels are you subscribed to?

Should I list them all? Okay ... that can take a while. : D
, Superhomies, Tanya Burr, tanyasvlogsandhauls, teamdelenaXi, Techscalibur, TeddyComedy, Teilzeitnerd, Tell You What Now, TheChrizzTezzShow, theclavinover, TheDroggelbecher, theemumusic, therealDanieleRizzo, TylerWagis, OakMusinley, TV, Robolix, Video, Veltis, TylerWag, OakMaginley, Techscalibur, TVGuideMagazine, Techscalibur , vlogswithjim, What's up!?, WatchUsLiveAndStuff, Willi CovertDas, xD icks-deh, xKarenina, YClips, YouTalk, YPlay, YTITTY, YTITTYOldies, Zoella
I've now typed it all by hand. : D

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If you could meet a famous person, who would you like to meet?

Which YouTuber do you like best?

I don't know ... I think Malwanne right now ...

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Which style of music do you like best?

All. Except the ones that give me headaches.

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Post a picture of you wearing your favorite glasses.

What's the best birthday present you've ever received?


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